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Recommend good lawyers? Lawsuit to invalidate grandma's will

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Recommend good lawyers? Lawsuit to invalidate grandma's will

Postby riversandlakes » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 7:34 am

Due to a limitation on the Subject's length, please note to recommend only MALAYSIAN lawyers ;)

Ours have fallen victim to the most common fallacy of many families, after the demise of the last elder - money.

If lawsuit was decided upon, there would be no clanship left, but the burden of this would be squarely on my two uncles' (or ex-uncles?) shoulders...

Assuming what grandma's fortune was at MYR 3,000,000, is it fair to give the daughters MYR 1,000 each (my mom somehow received MYR 5,000 but still) and divide the MYR 3,000,000 between the 2 sons?
Even if the will was written as such?

You see, these lands, assets and ca$h were NOT inherited by my grandmother. Nothing was ancestral. It was worked for by youth, sweat and at the ultimate price - education for the daughters. The daughters worked right up till marriage! My mom worked at my grandmother's canteen right up till after my birth!
Only the sons were educated. I'm of the opinion that it was education gone to waste...

The two brothers have suddenly turned a new leave - it's amazing how people can change in view of banknotes...I grew up with these uncles and had undescribable deep respect for them. Now this has changed everything...
I'm so sad :cry:

Strange thing is that unlike on TV, no lawyer was invited to announce as such on or after grandma's passing, but her traditional HEAVY favoring of sons was well-known. Perhaps there was no such will? Even if there is, are there any legal avenues possible to overturn a will?

If not, and a will is cast in stone and all-powerful, even if grandma willed it so, I'm a true believer of what-goes-around-comes-around. Life is such fun :evil:
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Postby k1w1 » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 8:44 am

Ah, this is a topic I am sure many of us understand. It's vile, isn't it? I have no advice - but just thought I would say you're not alone in having family members turn to ogres at the sniff of the "dirty paper". Hang in there.

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Postby Dunk » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 12:56 pm

In the Uk traditionally the parents estate goes to the oldest son thus preventing the estate from being broken up into smaller pieces. It may seem unfair but means that the estate remains in the families hands for centuries.

As for your gran it's her money and no one should ever look to gain out of someones death. Jealousy and greed are the the most destructive of emotions. My grandad is 94 and has married a 51 yr old woman. At the end of the day it is his money, he's happy and should do with it what he wants.

Would you be more or less upset if your gran gave it all to charity?

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Postby CardZeus » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 1:31 pm

What's the point of making a will if your survivors can overturn it?

Did you talk to your Grandma about her will before her demise?

As much as it may seem to suck, the one being greedy and jealous here is you...
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Postby T2K » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 2:11 pm

You could be different than most local Chinese families and, instead of squabbling over the deceased's money, just take the high road and say you don't want any of it.

If there is a legal will, accept her wishes which it embodies.

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Postby Wham » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 10:08 pm

well, all moral judgements aside - it sounds like you are not sure that there is a will - so you should at least contest to determine the validity of the uncle's claims.

If there is a will - and it is clear in this will that your grandmother favored her sons over her daughters by so much - then if there IS a heaven and a hell - (now come the moral judgements) - odds are she will be roasting on spit - and in due course the uncles will follow.

Such ill gotten wealth never leads to happiness and any women that screws her daughters like that deserves a hot poker up the %^$*^

When my grandmother died some time back my Dad (the eldest son) took me aside at some point and said that from all that he had read - the only path to happiness for the executor of the estate (him) was to take the least and assure that all the rest got more - otherwise no good would follow and the family would fall apart. Now 20 years past all are happy and respect my Dad so much more for his humanity.
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