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Jobhunting tips? EPEC?

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Jobhunting tips? EPEC?

Post by GordonGekko » Tue, 06 Dec 2005 5:41 am

Hi everyone,

I have decided to go to Singapore jobhunting next year. I am a TV Broadcasting professional by trade. Do you have any tips where I should start my search?

I have heard that i might be eligible for EPEC (Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate). Anybody heard of it? Where can I apply?
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Post by Strong Eagle » Tue, 06 Dec 2005 12:50 pm

Never heard of an EPEC. You might be thinking of an EP Approval in Principle letter. This permits you to enter the country and go down to the Ministry of Manpower to pick up your actual EP. But, an A in P letter means that you met the criteria to get an EP and have have been issued an EP, not some conditional status.

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Carpe Diem
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Post by Carpe Diem » Tue, 06 Dec 2005 1:28 pm

Never heard too, but it does exist:

An EPE certificate will be issued to foreign professionals who hold acceptable degrees, professional qualifications or specialist skills and who would like to have a longer stay in order to seek employment in Singapore. With this certificate, foreign professionals can apply for a 6-month social visit pass to allow them sufficient time to look for a job in Singapore. The EPE certificate is issued on a one time basis and is non-renewable.

Foreign professionals with an EPE certificate will be issued with an employment pass by Work Pass Department upon securing a job in Singapore.

Foreign professionals should apply for an EPE certificate only when they are ready to come to Singapore. They will still need to apply for a relevant visa to enter Singapore (if a visa is required) even if they hold a valid EPE certificate.

The following documents must be submitted to Contact Singapore to process your EPE certificate application:

A copy of duly completed Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate Application Form;

A copy each of all the applicant's academic or professional qualifications and
transcripts/marksheets (Translated into English if they are in other languages);

A recent passport-sized photograph of the applicant taken within the last three months;

A copy of the Travel Document page showing the applicant's personal particulars.
Please click here for the applications forms for EPE certificates. Completed forms, together with supporting documents, can be submitted via post to the nearest Contact Singapore Office in Boston, London, Chennai, Shanghai or Singapore.

The processing time for the EPE certificate application is 3 working days from the receipt of your application. You will be notified of the outcome of your application via email. The certificate will be mailed to successful applicants subsequently.

Upon arrival in Singapore, successful applicants for EPE certificates can apply for extension of their Social Visit Pass at the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority at the following address:

Visitor Services Centre
Immigration & Checkpoints Authority
4th Level, ICA Building
10 Kallang Road
Singapore 208718

Please visit the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority website for more information on the application procedures and requirements for Social Visit Pass.

Source: ... bity.shtml

(first result if you do a search on GOOGLE...)
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