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Post by ginge » Fri, 02 Dec 2005 5:55 am

Hello. We are moving to Singapore from the UK in the new year. Can someone please advise on bed sizes as we are aware that beds over there are quite a bit smaller. (My wife and I are both six feet tall.) Are larger beds available there or should we freight one from the UK? Thanks in advance... GINGE :shock:

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Mary Hatch Bailey
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Post by Mary Hatch Bailey » Fri, 02 Dec 2005 7:54 am

You can get large sized beds, but hey can be very expensive and sheets might be a problem. Why not ship yours with the rest of your goods? Are you paying for the move yourself?

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UK vs Singapore Bed Sizes

Post by ribman » Mon, 05 Dec 2005 11:43 pm

Spooky, I was looking at the forums to find the same information myself about a month ago. Also moving from the UK to Singapore. Actually, 2nd post on SE forums today. Relocation people packing us up as we speak - land in Singapore on 27th December.

I was in Singapore 3 weeks ago and checked out the bed situation. For us it was mainly to look at buying beds for our kids in Singapore or here. Finally decided on Singapore (more later).

Bed sizes in the UK I have are in imperial measures. Sorry for all you metrics out there (and before the argument starts I work in Metric too almost all of the time, it's just that other parts of the world don't).

So, UK sizes (widths) are 2ft 6" (small single), 3ft (normal Single), 4ft (Small double), 4ft 6" (normal double), 5ft ("Queen" or "Kingsize" depending on maker/website) and lastly 6ft ("Kingsize" or "Super Kingsize" depending). Mostly lengths are 6ft 3" but at somepoint (depending on manufacturer) they move to 6ft 6". This usually happens at the Queen/Kingsize time.

Three weeks ago I checked out beds in Singapore (Robinsons and Harvey Norman) and this is what I found (size wise) (from best memory)..

Singapore widths are 3ft (Single), 3ft 6" (Super Single), 4ft 6" (Double), 5ft (Queen), 6ft (King). Lengths were similar to UK. Note that some childrens beds looked shorter than in the UK, but I didn't measure them -kids don't tend to be 6ft 3" (alright some maybe are!).

So, you shouldn't have a problem interchanging bed linen on most common sizes. Pillows are slightly different - they seem to be more like the US (longer and thinner). Bolsters are used a lot.

As for prices, well, it was difficult to find out what the exact price was. There always seemed to be some deal going on, and various extras added on to sweeten the deal. So the displayed retail price meant little. One thing to be careful off is that often the bed base, headboard and mattress is all priced separately. So check carefully what is included. Certainly on a package deal there is often a headboard thrown in and then 40% off the lot etc. etc. For us, I got two super-single beds (pocket sprung, very good quality), base and headboard, plus two free mattress covers, plus two pillows and cases for £1000. This is about £200 cheaper than the best deal I could find in the UK (internet). The bed base and board is really quite nice and much better than you see in the UK.

As for linens, well I do have the ability to buy sheets etc. in the US (I visit there often or one of my colleagues does). Bed linen is a lot cheaper and better quality in the US than Singapore. For us in the UK there is not a lot of difference at either the low or medium end between prices in Singapore and UK. Slightly cheaper I would say in Singapore.

Hope the information helps.

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