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Inconsiderate Noisy Neighbours

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Mary Hatch Bailey
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Post by Mary Hatch Bailey » Sun, 13 Nov 2005 9:54 am

Wham wrote:How about setting up an address with their apt number and building number etc in the e-mail address and then putting up an open letter in the vacinity.
Wham. I like that one.

At the very least can't he and other other tenants botherered by this, sign a letter and send it to the landlord and the management compnay? Get the grievance officially on the record? I would also advise him to keep track of every infraction, November 14th, loud music until 3am, etc...

My friends had this problem in their Semi-D. The neighbor's drunk teenage son used to show up on his motorcycle in the middle of the night, yelling and carrying on, every third night or so. My firends moved the first chance they could.

Its a shame, the landlord has a responsibility to evict people who break the tenancy agreements.

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thanks, peeps!

Post by gayamundoiel » Mon, 14 Nov 2005 8:42 am

thanks for all the responses. really appreciate that.

i've tried almost everything that was recommended.

i've tried talking to them as well. they've promised NEVER to do it again. guess what?

actually, i tried calling the police as well, but those sorry asses said that if i stay in a private property, then they won't interfere unless blood is shed. i wonder if there's anyone from the police force who can confirm this stupid rule.

the air horn advice? thanks, i love you for your moxy! alas, i have to think of my neighbours. my immediate neighbour has a one year old, and i cannot bear to wake them up. in fact, i get along great with all my neighbours except the bunch of barbarians upstairs.

i would love to try intimidation, ubfortunately, i don't know anyone i can borrow to make this happen. anyway, those students are thugs themselves. they're punjabi farmers, so they have no idea what's proper behaviour when staying in an apartment. i suppose those fellas do live in the country, where they can stomp and shout all they want and nodoby will hear.

i do have football crazy fans that will raise a ruckus whenever there is a match, but that does not occur every night, so i doesn't really affact me. though... i drea 2006 - world cup. >_>

as for shooting them, saif, why don't you do me a favour? i'll give you their address. ^_^ jokes aside, i have had murderous thougts since they moved in. i don't think violence solves anything, so don't worry people, i'm not gonna kill anyone.

the sad thing is, singapore, being multicultural, is supposed to be tolerant. that means we have to live with other races' idiosyncrasies, and i believe we've been doing that since forever. BUT some people seem to take advantage of this, and think that racial tolerance means accepting bad behaviour.

i would love to, but it's not so easy to move out. the property market is not exactly great and the value of my apartment has dropped, most likely due to the influx of foreigners students. the security seems to have problems especially with students. the unit above mine is basically a coolie house. it cheapens the value of the condominium as well so it's a vicious circle.

the management, out of frustration from my complaints, have adviced me to write directly to the strata act. i'm not very hopeful though. they generally will give me a set of guidelines in black and white saying they really can't do anything, blah blah, i have their sympathies, but i'd better piss off. that kind of thing. this is singapore after all and i know the system long enough to know the authorities just want to sit on their fat asses and get their fat pay. maybe i should emigrate. sigh...

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thanks mary

Post by gayamundoiel » Mon, 14 Nov 2005 9:14 am

thanks mary.

i've already written 2 petitions (with evidence from security) before when they were making a nuisance of themselves. so far the managament has only given the owner a warning letter. that got rid of the first batch of tenants, and did something to stop the second batch from repeating the act.

however, the problem i'm facing can only be heard by me. basically, things are dropped, furniture being dragged at unearthly hours. the management told me that the security guard must be able to hear the noise before he can stop them. so that means i have to let him into my apartment at 2am, 3 am etc. even then, by the time he arrives, the noise has stopped. i just think it is a stupid excuse for the managemnt to rest on their laurels.

the landlord is another problem. he's good at dodging complaints, and he's not repaired a leakage problem in my yard that was detected for almost 2 months already. i can't even dry my clothes right now. he's just concerned about getting his rent, and basically gets away with the bad behaviour because the management "must collect evidence" before they can act. perhaps the leakage will be solved in about 5 years time. i have to be considerate, don't i?

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