Eyebags, Eyelids done in Malaysia?

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Eyebags, Eyelids done in Malaysia?

Post by big-eyes-maymay » Tue, 08 Nov 2005 3:30 pm

Dear All,

I have very dark circles which are worsen by the eye bags hanging below my eyes. My colleagues and friends said I look like panda every day, and it just burns me up. I consulted 2 doctors in Malaysia, just wondering anybody have fantastic results from them, or could suggest some other doctors?

Dr Benjamin George (Gleneagles Hospital & private clinic in KL city)
Dr George Varughese (Glenegles Hospital & private clinic in Bangsar)

Dr Benjamin George tells me I have no eye bags, just loose skin and extra muscle, wherelse Dr George Varughese tells me that I have fat (eye bags) and skin, no lose muscle. Both say a different thing, I don't know who to trust. Both suggests different procedures as well, which definitely adds to the confusion.

With Dr Benjamin George, the consultation was quick, he did not explain much and seem to be in hurry. He charged for RM50 per consultation, but since I asked many questions, he charged RM100 for my consultaion. How can this be? I mean, naturally patient who wants to have their appearance fixed would want to know every option possible and the risks involved. With Dr George Varughese, he charges RM100 as well, but I could take even up to 1 hour to ask any questions I like, as long as I feel comfortable.

I really do not want to solve a problem, yet to create another problem in the end. If anybody has any comments and suggestions, please please do respond to me.


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eye bags

Post by benefit » Thu, 24 Nov 2005 5:41 pm

hi Big-Eyes-MayMay,

I have the same problem of eye bags and dark eye circles as you and i would know how u feel. :( It's just so darn fustrating isn't it.
I'm sorry i don't have any info on the 2 docs u quoted:
Dr Benjamin George (Gleneagles Hospital & private clinic in KL city)
Dr George Varughese (Glenegles Hospital & private clinic in Bangsar)

I researching more into the docs here in sg.
I have been contamplating sugery to remove the eyebags but recently found another method which doesn't involve surgery. Have been finding more info on it. Search for my previous postings - it's mentioned there.

How about you? how's your progress for searching for a treatment so far? have you make a decision which doc u are seeing yet.

As there really is a lack of info on this problem, i have set up one just addressing eye bag problems. hopefully people will contribute to it.

May we find our solution to beautiful eyes!! :D

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Post by kk_lass » Fri, 25 Nov 2005 1:06 am

Try eye cream...
perharps will help..?
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