Do not rent from this landlord !!!

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Do not rent from this landlord !!!

Post by danoco » Sat, 05 Nov 2005 4:03 pm

i've just come to the end of a year's rent at tanglin regency, the owener is called Mr Yeo and its a fround floor unit. A few things about recent events.

1. My agent contacted him with 2 months to go as per tenancy
agreement. He didn't give a response and as i wanted to stay there i assumed the lease would go on for another year. 3 weeks before the expiry date i had a day off work and was just relaxing at home when the front door lock turned and he walked in. I went to door and politely told him f off and he informed me i have to out by end of month.

2. He went into my apartment a few times since then and some things were moved around (i know this as i put some discreet black tape on the door.... and old bond trick)

3. i hand over the place last saturday and although i had the aircon serviced a month and had the invoice to prove it before he said it was dripping . it was just consendsation and cleaners had been in and the doors and had been open. to settle things i said whatever take $100 off the return of the one months security deposit of $1600, and from last saturday he had 7 days to return cheque to me.

4. he hasn't sent out a cheque and calls me yesterday to say he wants to deduct another $300 because the curtains weren't dry cleaned. A said the cheque should reach my office by tuesday without these extra dedcutions or i will involve my company lawlers. This has not phased him and he is now threatening not to return me anything.

5. another mark of what a snake the guy is, is that when people were coming to view told them all the furniture belonged to him when in fact it was all mine which i made fully aware to the viewers.

Question now is, If he doesn't return deposit i take him to court... can i win ?

i've lived in Singapore 12 years and all previous landlords have been no problem... this Mr Yeo unfortunately tarnishes the image of singaporeans , who i really think generally are nice, good people.

any advice anyone, ?

a slightly disallusioned brit :-(

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