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The Exorcism of Emily Rose (what you believe is your choice)

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The Exorcism of Emily Rose (what you believe is your choice)

Post by uncle_james » Thu, 03 Nov 2005 4:35 am


This is not a typical of horror show, but a court-room drama. Directed by Scott Derrickson. He is an unknown movie maker. He doesn't done something big at his previous movie. This movie is full of flaw, such as demon should not communicate with Latin. (However, I dun understand latin, i can't prove this right)

The director seems like overfloated the movie with too much of emotional. But i like this :wink:

What amazed me is the message bring up by this movie:
"what you believe is your choice"

Every character in the movie choose his/her own destiny based on what they believe.

A devoted catholic, Emily Rose chose to use her body to telling the rest of the world, the existence of demon(which is noble.)

A perish priest, Father Moore, forfeit his right to appeal on his guilty of negligent homicide to the cause of Emily Rose death,as he is believe only the god can judge him.

A middle-age single Lawyer, Erin Brunner, left behind her conscience to pursuit a prosperous career, she did success, but what follwing her is the sleepless night with regreats.(I was so touched at the final part of the movie, when she finally has the courage to turn the alarm to face her)

A man in faith in the church, also a man in fact in the court-room, Ethan Thomas, is my favourite character of this show. He is cool, sensible enough. He has pointed out the court-room needs only fact. His facts theory won the hearts' of jury.

But is Erin has won the heart of judge.

There is too much things can't explain or beyond the human understanding, this is one of the movie reveal how limited knowledge of us.
: )

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