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Tom Yum Goong (personally, i "LIKE" it)

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Tom Yum Goong (personally, i "LIKE" it)

Post by uncle_james » Thu, 03 Nov 2005 3:42 am


The asian action movie always doesn't make sense, especially from Jackie Chan. For those who born in asian, we are too used of Jackie Chan movie style. A lots of fighting, making you laugh, but the story never make sense.

The greatness (the success story) of Jackie Chan has bring some good idea to the Thai movie maker. This movie basically paying the tribute to Jackie Chan.

I must agree with you, Tony Jaa is really a good thai kick-boxer, a real kungfu man! He is great at every scence of his fighting. But the story kill everything!!!

The most remarkable quote from the movie:
"You so disgusting, why you buy pirated DVD"...

with there kinds of movie qualities, i doubt anyone will pay 8bucks for the pirated DVD ... this moviei s really ... :mad:

--- 0/10 ----
: )

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