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Eye Bag Removal Surgery

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Eye Bag Removal Surgery

Postby desperate » Wed, 02 Nov 2005 10:16 am

Hi all,
I've read through all the pages here but can't find much info & recommended Dr in Singapore that is good in eye bag removal. Can some kind souls please advice? I am considering this option b'cos after trying creams & etc... nothing seems to help. desperate

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Postby KoKo03 » Wed, 02 Nov 2005 11:00 am

Hi Desperate,

you might want to consider Dr Harry Fok, i had previously done my double eyelid surgery with him(recommended by my previous beautician who is an ex-tcs actor), results was satisfactory, my cousin went to him for her double eyelid surgery too. Previously he was located at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, now he had actually join hands with another cosmetic surgeon and open a new n bigger clinic at Paragon, his rates are quite reasonable, i did my eyelids for $1800.00 my cousin did it like almost 2 yrs later than me was charge like $2500 or $2600 at his new clinic, they do have instalment plans via credit cards also. If i'm not wrong the new clinic name is Sinova. But please list down all your questions cause his consultation charges are charge by time cause their will be a nurse standing besides to time during the consultation, i was charged about $80 plus for i think less then 15mins consultation but i think if your had a lot of questions to ask to clear your doubts don't think so much about the money cause these procedures once done cannot be undone so its better to ask until you are really really sure of the whole procedures the risks involve and what to expect, and if you really could afford go for a few more rounds of consultation with other surgeons thru recommendations to picked out the one you r most confortable with. Cause i was also previously considering about eye bags removal but i pull back cause i read up in a few other forums that if too much fats is being remove from your bags it will some how sink in and it'll looked hollow and have to like inject some kind of fluid into the eye bags to plump it up so it won't looked hollow, so i just leave with it first maybe i'll wait till i'm even older and the bags gets really too obvious then i'll consider to gibe it a shot,but personally i think whether if a surgeon is good or famous or not ultimately they have been in the business long enough for people to know them there are still times a bit of hiccups here and there and also i think it all boils down if the surgeon is in a good mood that day or not, they r afterall humans like us, if they in good mood they will do it slowly and nice nice for you, if unluckily they are in a bad mood, they might just anyhow chop chop n finished with the job, so in any case you have decided, irregardless of your religion better do pray pray they are really in good mood on the day of your surgery!


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