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i need to find job before my trip to singapore

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Postby Bremen » Tue, 08 Nov 2005 12:13 pm

rv224 wrote:Honestly, I don't think you will find such a job at all. The government has made it more difficult for foreigners to get work permits in Singapore and there is no way they will grant a work permit to a foriegner for being a waiter. You have to come with specialized skills and loads of experience.


I agree. For something like a waiter, they're not going to bring in a foreigner. You need to apply for a job while you're in Turkey, have the company apply for the Work Permit in SG, then travel to SG once you have the in-principle letter of approval. You'll need to have enough money to take care of yourself while you're here.

Singapore is NOT like America. Singapore protects it's local workforce as much as it can.
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