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Indonesia and terrorism

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Indonesia and terrorism

Postby locallass » Mon, 31 Oct 2005 7:46 pm

JAKARTA: Indonesia's government plans to grant reprieves to convicted militants including 2002 Bali bombing conspirator Abu Bakar Bashir to mark an important Muslim festival, a report said.

Further sentence cuts for militants such as Bashir are likely to anger Australia, which has protested over previous remissions for people convicted over the 2002 Bali bombings which left 88 Australians dead among the 202 killed.

The 67-year-old cleric was sentenced in March for a criminal conspiracy leading to the bombings.

He is accused by some foreign governments of being the spiritual leader of the Jemaah Islamiyah Islamic militant group which has been blamed for both Bali bombings and a string of other attacks.

"As long as the regulations have not been revised, all prisoners will be given a sentence cut in line with their rights under prevailing laws and regulations," Justice Minister Hamid Awaluddin was quoted by the Pikiran Rakyat newspaper as saying.

Every year Indonesia grants sentence cuts to prisoners considered well-behaved to mark independence day and important religious festivals.

But Australia has called on Jakarta to exempt militants including Bashir from the annual sentence cuts, with Prime Minister John Howard warning that any further reduction for Bashir would cause "deep and lasting anger" in Australia.

"The Republic of Indonesia, as a sovereign state, must not be dictated by the wishes of other countries. The matter of the sentence cuts is based on prevailing regulations and laws," Awaluddin said.

He said that according to the regulations, all prisoners who behaved well had the right to a cut in their sentence.

"This year, (we) will continue to accord the sentence cuts to those prisoners who meet the criteria," he added.

On August 17 Bashir's 30-month sentence was cut by more than four months to mark Indonesian independence day, triggering anger in Australia.

A Jakarta prison official has said Bashir may be among thousands of prisoners to receive sentence cuts to mark the main Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr later this week.

Foreign Minister Hassan Wirayuda earlier this month said the government was reviewing the presidential decree on remissions particularly concerning serious crimes, including terrorism, but he gave no more details or time-frame.

Under the remissions decree, prisoners who have served between six months and one year are eligible for a one-month sentence cut and those serving more than one year could get two months struck off.

Bashir on Tuesday condemned the latest Bali attacks, saying that bombings in non-combat zones would only claim innocent victims. - AFP/de

So the signal that Indonesia wants to send out is that no matter how many people you kill, you get off because it's a festival :???: No wonder the bombers came back to Bali instead of somewhere else.

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Postby Vaucluse » Mon, 31 Oct 2005 7:49 pm

It's just all too frustrating . . . Banana Republic (and in this case, no offense to our slippery fruit)

'nuff said Image

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Postby banana » Mon, 31 Oct 2005 9:36 pm

None taken since they make decent clothes.

On a more serious note, that may be the signal Indonesia is perceived to be sending but then many other governments are guilty of the same. It's ok to drink and drive and hit police cars if you're a cash rich owner of a large confectionary chain, it's ok to invade another country full of brown people if they are sitting on petrified dead animals you need, it's ok to seek clemency for one of your own for bringing illegal drugs into a country where it is punishable by the death sentence.
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Postby locallass » Mon, 31 Oct 2005 9:45 pm

I'm watching the news now and it's heartening to hear that the Indonesian government is stepping up security at the major ports and train stations in preparation of the oncoming holidays and putting up posters of the suspects of the most recent Bali bombing to better nab them. But it's shocking to hear that x-ray is being used for the first time at these points. What kind of security system have they been operating on before this? :???:

I'm also disgusted to hear Abu Bakar Bashir only got 30 months for master-minding the previous bombing. People get life sentences of 25 years for killing another person. This guy got less than 3 years for killing a whole bunch of people and wrecking an island's economy for 2 years!!!

Will the government only take action against these terrorists when tourists are no longer willing to come to Indonesia?

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