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What's your type?

Postby crabathor » Sat, 29 Oct 2005 9:20 pm

It doesn't seem to wise to sort of put a box in things, including the kind of people you would like.
But then again, we do have our own personal preferences, and it would show in the tendencies that can be derived from different experiences and people we have known till now.
So deriving from past experiences, what kind of people you usually have the tendency to like?
Not sure why, I have been attracted to guys who are rather shy but have self-confidence in what he's doing or what he decides on, quiet but firm, kind, smart or witty but not necessarily sarcastic even though a little is still ok, and have a good sense of humor even though not necessarily to be the clown. I would be lying if I said looks don't matter at all, so height as long as not much shorter than me should be ok, plus I'm not that tall anyway, dark hair, dark but kind eyes, have a nice even goofy smile and nice hands.

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