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Anyone seen a ghost?

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Anyone seen a ghost?

Postby Bubbles » Wed, 21 Jul 2004 3:44 am

OK, this is a weird question. Has anyone ever seen, or believe they have seen, a ghost or a spirit?

I'm asking because a couple of friends and I had a drink recently and you know how the chat gets around to all sorts of silly things? Well, we started talking about hauntings, etc, and some of the daft programmes we have on TV here in the UK, with mediums and other people staying in haunted castles etc.

But one girl absolutely insisted that she had seen a 'peson' sitting on the end of her bed, one night when she was in great personal distress, and she really believes it was someone sent to comfort her.

Me, it would have finished me off, not comforted me, but she's a professional woman, clever, honest and kind, not into telling lies and I wonder, did she see anything? She believes she did, but do ghosts exsist, do you think?


Postby Eric » Fri, 23 Jul 2004 4:12 pm

A few Sundays ago in the Sunday Times, there was a full-page feature on a person in Singapore who could actually see ghosts and spirits.
The reporter sought him out and interviewed him, but did not disclose his name. That guy was, if I remember, holding a professional job, in his 30s, and learnt to live with his "gift".
After the publication of that story, the reporter mentioned in the following Sunday's paper that all sorts of people contacted him (the reporter) trying to get the mysterious guy's contact info.

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Postby kiss_snowhite » Sun, 15 Aug 2004 9:23 pm

oops...i guess it's a bit too late but anyway, there's a website where u can know more about these 'things'.. :D

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