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Better immigration policy - Point System ???

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Better immigration policy - Point System ???

Postby Liberto » Sat, 08 Oct 2005 5:41 am

In my opinion, the Singapore govt should adopt the highly successful point system scheme like what Australia, NZ and Canada are doing. They can still control the flow and type of occupations needed in the country. Unfortunately for the present immigration system, it is just not very transparent at all under issues surrounding EP or other related visas or under LPR. There are a lot of unseen issues or discretionery factors involved. If the country wants foreign talents, it has to be as transparent as possible though it claim to be one of the least restrictive country on immigration. For any person applying to migrate to another country, he or she has to be self-sufficient in the first place and certainty in policies of where the person stands. Singapore is not a welfare state and if those who got the PR and unable to find a job, the person would have to leave. PR is indefinite but the re-entry permits is not as it is a control mechanism for the government. It is sad to state if you don't have a job and unable to contribute to the state coffer, bugger off, we don't need you. Well, that is the right of the country though it is not universally practised in such circumstances. Having the LPR scheme does'nt help much as well for it is stilll subjected to getting a job and family relocation. Do away with this scheme and a straight PR one on point system looks better. Put it simply, if one is qualified to migrate and still unable to get a job and bearing in mind Singapore is not a welfare state, the person would have to leave sooner or later. A straight PR scheme is more functional and transparent one. If Singapore want to open up, it have to open up good and fast though it have the prerogative to do what is best for the country and its people at large.

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