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Ear Candle Machine

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Ear Candle Machine

Postby Amy42141 » Mon, 19 Jul 2004 6:00 am

Hey there, does anyone know where I can buy an Ear Candle Machine? I am looking to make ear candles, but the business that I am planning to sell them too buy so many it would be very hard to hand make them. Also, I purchased some wooden molds to hand make them, but my candles stick. Can anyone give me some advice?
Thanks Alot!

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Postby jpatokal » Mon, 19 Jul 2004 6:33 pm

As ear candles are complete bullshit, you can buy the cheapest candles you can find and slap a fancy label on them. Ta-dah, instant ear candle! Be sure to include extensive disclaimers on proper usage, so you can't get sued when Ms Tan burns a hole in her eardrum.

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Postby Guest » Sat, 12 Feb 2005 7:43 am

They may be complete bullshit but they can sell for up to 4.95/pair where I am from. If you can make something and sell it for a good profit then why not??

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