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Chinese Gardens - Lantern Display

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Baron Greenback
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Chinese Gardens - Lantern Display

Postby Baron Greenback » Thu, 22 Sep 2005 4:14 pm

Last night I ventured to the Chinese Gardens for the lantern display. It was beautiful, an amazing amount of work has gone into creating these things.

2 things troubled me though. Firstly the boss of the security guards was a real arsehole, being really rude to the guys who work there "Who are you to talk to me? just do it!" type thing. Saw him again on the way out barking orders again - poor guys who have to put up with him as a boss.

Secondly there was a lantern of a lioness with blood on her teeth & claws & a lantern on the ground which was half a zebra corpse, covered in blood (all lit up like the others), just in from of the lioness. Quite macabre if you ask me, but what was worse was the baby zebra nearby, made me think that the one dead was it's mum! They had the lion king "circle of life" playing nearby, sometimes you just gotta laugh or you will cry :cry: :roll:
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Postby k1w1 » Thu, 22 Sep 2005 7:20 pm

I know what you mean!! I just went there the other day with my kids a on their pre-school trip. It was incredidible and there has been a lot of work go into it all. I also thought the big gnarly mozzies were a tad frightening...

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