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Death the great leveller...

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lotus sutra
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Death the great leveller...

Post by lotus sutra » Tue, 20 Sep 2005 2:03 am

Death the great leveller...

Death claims everyone, whether u r a atheist, Christian,
Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, agnostic or what not.

The grim reaper is no respecter of your position in society.
Whether you r a minister, tycoon, salary man or pauper, the
grim reaper will be waiting for each and everyone.

Sometimes it strikes suddenly, others fortunate enuff
are all decked up waiting for the grim reaper.

U can be struck down in your prime and spring of
your life or the autumn, winter of your life.

There is no extra time or waiting period. If your time is
up, that's it.

Everything is resolved. There isn't any pending matters.
Ongoing illnesses are resolved. Outstanding mortagages,
civil suits ..etc..are resolved.

All your angst, grudges, vanities, egotism, worries,
anxieties, knowledge, wisdom will be dissolved.

All your degrees, MBAs, doctorates, condos, diamonds,
gold, talents, eloquence, sharp razor minds,
tangible and intangible assets; will be dissolved into
nothingness and count for nothing when you are dead.

So all these obsessive, frenzid and rabid accunmulations
of material wealth by rulers, et al....whether by fair means or unfair means of condos, bungalows, mansions, properties and such are hollow.... they r in all likelihood bequeath to their offsprings and future generations....

Buck naked we r all the same.

Most of us will occupy a niche at the colombarian.

Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.

Vanities all these are vanities...
A time to live and a time to die

The World according to the Universal Mystic Law

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