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French, Italian, and Spanish speakers groups

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French, Italian, and Spanish speakers groups

Postby Tongue-Tied » Thu, 15 Jul 2004 4:23 pm

Hello... this is not a posting to learn a language, not for a language class.
We are looking for conversational speakers of French, Italian, and Spanish.

We are a small group of expats slowly buidling a network of language groups for Spanish, French, and Italian. Maybe others?

Here's what we have found basically so far...

For Spanish, Latin Circle meetings organized via Yahoo!. Plenty of native Spanish speakers: Latin Americans and Spaniards.
Email to receive monthly updates: has good attendance, around 15 people each month.

For French, we all lived in France at least 2 years or are native speakers. We meet every 1-2 weeks for lunch or a drink and speak only French. We include: Belgians, Americans, French, English, Indonesian, etc.
Alliance Francaise of course is good for the occasional French movie night. does not have such good attendance at the moment, 2-4 people.

For Italian, that's a bit more difficult. We have Italian speakers but need more, especially Italians! We tried the Italian Embassy and the Italian Institute, chamber of Commerce, etc., but they could offer little help. does not seem to attract any native or proficient Italian speakers. We had our first "Italian night" a couple weeks ago, and it was fun. We watch the Italian film Mediteranneo.

For more info, email us at


Postby Guest » Fri, 06 Aug 2004 6:40 pm

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