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Insurance jobs in Singapore

Postby stephen26 » Tue, 13 Sep 2005 12:39 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm only repeating my earlier post in reply to an existing thread, hoping that it might get more attention as a new topic. Here goes ...

I'm an Aussie lawyer who has worked in general insurance for over 10 years. I spent 2001 working in Singapore as an 'ex-pat'. My family and I are keen to return to Singapore on a long-term basis, and I've been checking job-sites like 'JobCyclone' and 'Jobsdb'. I've also done plenty of direct approaches to the major insurers etc.

If there is anyone out there who is in a senior role in the Singapore insurance market (or who knows someone who is) I'd really appreciate you (or your insurance contact) getting in touch with me.

Also, I got a Guest reply to my earlier post on Edwin's thread (about arriving in Singapore then looking for work), but there was no response to my reply. Anyway, any suggestions or advice from anyone with an insurance connection in Singapore or in SE Asia would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much,
Stephen26 :)

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