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accompanying spouses without kids- what do you do all day ??

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accompanying spouses without kids- what do you do all day ??

Post by soli » Sat, 10 Sep 2005 1:08 am

week no.3 in singapore. im going mad and bored. and then mad and depressed again. ive lived in singapore before so its not like im in a new country and am out exploring the place for the first time...
is there anyone else out there, an accompanying spouse ( with no kids ) going mad on the boredom. or is it just me ?

my typical day goes like this : i wake up, have breakfast, clean a bit around the apartment, wander out somewhere to have lunch ( usually alone, other women i meet are either working, or have kids to look after ) , walk abit in the sweltering heat, think , god id like to go back home now. then i go home, have a swim or work out at the gym, wonder if im going to make dinner tonight, go to the local supermarket, cook and wait for my lovely honey to come home.
Tv is mostly crap , the internet bores me after awhile ..nothing is grabbing me.

what is your typical day like ??maybe i can get some inspiration/ motivation from you ..

i wonder if im going through the usual settling in phase .. but right now where im at, i have no interest whatsoever in anything. i usually go out to lots of gallery shows or social events back home but im just not really keen here. i wonder if im in a bit of a downer at the moment...

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takes a while to settle

Post by sydgirl » Sat, 10 Sep 2005 4:34 pm

Hi there,

I've been here since the beginning of July and went through what you are going through now. Hope it helps you to know that I was bored, depressed, sick of just cleaning to occupy myself and sick of going to the supermarket everyday to get our dinner. Not having a car makes grocery shopping all the more tedious because you can only buy the amount that you can carry. My days were similar to yours. I'm only just coming out of it now because our apartment is in a more comfortable livable manner. (we now have furntiture...thankgoodness).

If you have decided that you don't want to look for a job fear not there are plenty of ways for social contact. I've found it comes in the form of volunteering. Some wives become a docent at the Singapore Art Museum or the Ancient Civilisations Museum. They have recently just started their intake so if you are quick you might get in. It involves one day per week of study and lectures etc. On Mondays you can just attend art/history lectures at the museums just for the sake of finding out about your new country.

Another suggestion is to volunteer at the Riding for the Disabled Association. There are a lot of charities and you will find that a lot of spouses spend their time this way. You can enrol in art and language courses. There is heaps to do but at first it seems a bit overwhelming if you are the spouse tagging along and even worse if you don't have kids to distract you from the life and friends you left behind. Hope this reassures you.

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