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Postby beenhere10years » Mon, 12 Sep 2005 8:37 am

The truth is that murder is a part of almost every society. Since there have been people, there has been murder. The question shouldn't be 'What is Singapore Coming to? It should be more like:

What steps can we take to ensure this happens less often?
When you go in for a job interview, I think a good thing to ask is if they ever press charges.

-- jack handy

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Postby Ling2 » Mon, 12 Sep 2005 10:33 am

The media was not reaching out to as many as they are today. It's more apparent to us now than ever...

Body hacking cases in Singapore:-

A lady was chopped up by her sis in law and chuck in a jar...back in 1974...

The famous curry body parts case where a husband was chopped and cooked into an indian curry.

1996, a briton named Martin, chopped up a S.A guy at River View Hotel. He got hanged.

This year, the 22 yrs old chinese national gal and this philippino maid...

Is there more? Perhaps...coz some bodies are never found! Where did all these missing people goes? Hiding in meat buns?

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Postby Vaucluse » Mon, 12 Sep 2005 11:06 am

A tough one to comment on. I would suggest that caucasian expats would have less of a hassle in terms of not having a support structure, especially compared to those on a WP and from countries like Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka . . .

Here goes:
Generally Caucasian expats are not looked down upon by the local population - there is no antagonism by the Chinese towards people from the US, GB, Oz, Europe.
So, this is one thing less we have to live with. Also, the vast majority of us can phone 'home' when we need a shoulder to cry on, perhaps even fly wherever it is we call home' for a short while to get what we need.

Imagine yourself as an Indon maid or a BanglaDeshi worker: looked down upon by society, not enough sufficient income to phone or go home whenthe need arises, working loooooooooong hours with no week-ends in many cases to bond with those similar to you. (I just look at the maids in our condo - up at 5 and lights out at midnight - no chnace to interact with their peers).

And yes - crimes occur in every society, murder occurs in every society, did thousands of years ago, still does now.

having read my post, I conclude that it is crap -

'nuff said Image

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Postby dot dot dot » Mon, 12 Sep 2005 11:15 am

Wind In My Hair wrote:i don't want to get flamed for being racist or nationalistic or anything like that. but i can't help noticing that a lot of recent murders have been among expat / foreign communities here. the orchard road murder victim was a filipino maid and the suspect another filipino maid. another recent one was an indian man killed by his flatmate. and the well-publicised huang na case was of a chinese national killed by another chinese.

begs the question of whether being far from home without family or social networks to fall back on contributes to people losing their minds and carrying out drastic actions?

The other 'chopped body parts' case from June 15 this year was a Chinese national alledgedly being killed by her work supervisor Leong Siew Chor, 50, who is now charged with her murder. He is a Singapore national citizen.

I do agree to what you mentioned and what was replied by SMS, the lack of a social network for those residing and working here in SIngapore, with their families far away. It certainly adds to the possibility of cases like these.

What we need, now I am being the good ol' hippy, is following:


THE Singapore River is turned into a floating garden, as more than 100,000 colourful lilies, together with 50 giant illuminated ones, are released yesterday. Lilies On The River was organised by Viriya Community Services to mark the end of a six-month long, island-wide fund-raising campaign.

It won't cure anything to this case, I know... :?


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