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Postby Bubbs » Tue, 06 Sep 2005 4:36 pm

Hi Everyone

Could you help?

Are there any budding writers out there in Singapore? Of course there are, but more to the point, do any of you belong to an online forum for that purpose?

If you do, could you post me a link please? I'm working on a story at the moment and would like some local feedback.


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Baron Greenback
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Postby Baron Greenback » Tue, 06 Sep 2005 5:55 pm

I heard on the world service the other week about how blogging has become very popular in Singapore, they interveiwed 'SPG' who has her own blog. I couldn't resist I had to google & find out more, just some teenage girl going on about her sex life. Supposidly this is shocking material & the older generation cannot believe that the youngsters are drinking! Having fun! and even having sex!! not here in Singapore surely?!

Maybe find her blog & see what you think for yourself? I think she had links to other bloggers, maybe they are the sort of people you are after. Good luck!
"An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools."

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Postby Kimi » Tue, 06 Sep 2005 8:06 pm

A member here is a member in a local writers' club or something like that, I guess it includes some workshops as well, only the membership fee is like S$500 he told me :shock:
I can ask if you're still interested.


Postby Bubbs » Tue, 06 Sep 2005 10:52 pm

Hi and thanks everyone who replied. What I was really asking was if there was a FREE forum, something like this one, but specifically for writers, or those who want to write, in Singapore.

I don't need a course really as writing has been my job for over 20 odd years. (Though there are those who know me who say I could do with being taught a thing or two!!)

I'd like a site where I could get some feedback on a few points about childhood nowadays in Singapore, as it's the subject, or part of a storyline, of the book I'm writing at the moment.

When I'll get around to finishing it is another story as I keep getting waylaid by this forum, it's addictive.

What about the amazing amount of postings for the 'What Do Expat Women Like'......great, eh?

The answer......confidence and not creepiness. Laughter but not incessant questioning. Cheeky knowledge that you don't really mind if this woman doesn't want to talk to you....after all there are hundreds more!!!! That sort of thing.

Looks have little to do with it.

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Wind In My Hair
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Postby Wind In My Hair » Wed, 07 Sep 2005 12:39 pm

Bubbs wrote:What I was really asking was if there was a FREE forum, something like this one, but specifically for writers, or those who want to write, in Singapore.

hey Bubbs, i don't know any online forums like this one, and can only suggest that you look in the papers under What's Happening for the week. Sometimes there are poetry or prose readings or writers' workshops or gatherings... I daresay if you go to some of those you will meet other local writers who might know of relevant forums.

i've done some paid writing myself but have stopped for a while. i do have some poems that I'd like others' opinions on but i would never put it online... if you want we can pm or meet up just to exchange views?

Bubbs wrote:When I'll get around to finishing it is another story as I keep getting waylaid by this forum, it's addictive.

know what you mean... isn't it though? it's so easy to spend an hour or more on this forum achieving nothing much at the end of the day... :roll: i'm trying to stay away but not always succeeding!

dot dot dot
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Postby dot dot dot » Wed, 07 Sep 2005 1:01 pm

Sept 7, 2005
Writers bloc

THE most ambitious - and costliest, at a cool $500,000 - Singapore Writers Festival ever came to a close on Sunday.

More than 70 writers from around the world participated in over 80 events such as panel discussions, readings and workshops on genres ranging from poetry to blogging and science fiction.

Didn't get to see most of the events? Not to worry. Life! recaps the best - and the worst - of the 10-day affair, which was sponsored by Singapore Press Holdings and the Singapore Press Holdings Foundation, with our own list of awards.

Geoffrey Rush-lookalike Alberto Ruy-Sanchez writes erotica. Quills, anyone? -- ALAN LIM
Sexiest Author

MEXICAN Alberto Ruy-Sanchez, 54, who looks like a cross between Liam Neeson and Geoffrey Rush with his silvery hair and tall frame. While authors are stereotyped to be shy, bookish sorts, Ruy-Sanchez comes across as a sort of New Age adventurer. Along with his wife, Margarita, he visited Cambodia and Laos before coming to Singapore, and flew off to Myanmar after. The writer is best known for his Mogador series of erotica novels, and is not afraid to admit that deciding to have children after being married for 10 years rejuvenated his sex life with his wife.

Best Put-down

AMERICAN sci-fi writer Bruce Sterling. At a talk called The Future Is Already Here: Is There A Place For Science Fiction In The 21st Century? on Aug 29 at the National Library's futuristic Pod, an audience member took issue with Sterling's point about how there are no great sci-fi novels.

'Isn't Frank Herbert's Dune a great novel?' he demanded.

To which the 51-year-old writer of Schismatrix (1985) - who is widely considered to be, alongside the likes of William Gibson, one of the founders of the dystopian cyberpunk genre of science fiction - replied with barely concealed disdain: 'No, Frank Herbert's Dune is not a great novel. The danger about science fiction is that it can make people believe stupid things - like how Frank Herbert's Dune is a great novel.'

Best Super Trouper, Part 1

JOCELYN de Leon, in her 20s, of the Filipino-American spoken word group 8th Wonder, who came straight from a late night event at nightclub Rouge to an even later open mic event at the Drama Centre's Black Box - just because she wanted to help out.

It was after midnight and her voice was hoarse, but she cried - from either exhaustion or emotion, or perhaps both - as she performed a poem about her Filipino-American heritage.

Best Super Trouper, Part 2

INDIAN writer Faustina 'Bama' Soosairaj, 48, who went ahead with a slew of media interviews the morning after she got food poisoning from a chicken curry dinner on Aug 30. 'I've vomited everything out, so I feel much better,' the author of Karukku (1992) told Life!

Most Eligible Bachelorette

WEI Hui, the 30-year-old author of the international bestsellers Shanghai Baby and Marrying Buddha. At a talk on Sexuality And Desire In Asian Writing on Aug 28, she confessed that since the publication of Shanghai Baby, she's 'hardly been able to find a date in China'.

Most Enviable

KOREAN-American poet and spoken word artist Ishle Yi Park (right), who performed a love poem for her current boyfriend, saying: 'I'm in love. He's young, which is not good. But he's very good-looking.' She's 28, and he's 21, or as she calls it, 'barely legal'. You go, girl.

Most Minimalist Wardrobe

CHINESE novelist Yu Hua, 45, who showed up in exactly the same outfit - striped tee, checked shirt, beige pants and Birkenstocks - on both his events on Aug 27 and 29.

Maximum Effect, Minimum Effort

CANADIAN Ho Che Anderson, who sent the organisers into a tizzy after he went Awol when he was supposed to have boarded the flight from Toronto to Singapore. Quite a while later, they got an e-mail from the graphic novelist, explaining that he had found out his passport had expired just as he was about to board the plane. Talk about absent-minded authors.

Starving Writers Award Part 1

THE festival gave new meaning to the hoary old chestnut. The opening ceremony on Aug 26 at the new Drama Centre was dramatic for all the wrong reasons. Guests who arrived promptly at the stated time of 7pm had to wait an hour till the event began. This was followed immediately by the panel discussion New Asian Writing - Finding A Voice On The Global Stage. By 9pm, some guests, faint from hunger, had sneaked off to get sustenance. Some were not told that there was a reception afterwards at the National Library's Pod on the 16th floor.

Starving Writers Award Part 2

THE Golden Point Awards ceremony on Aug 31 at the same location tried its darn-dest to outdo the opening ceremony. Starting from 7pm, the prize presentation featured readings of the first-prize winner. Of eight categories. By the time the awards were handed out and poems dutifully read, the guests had gained new understanding of what 'starving for art' entailed.

Waiting For Godot Award

THE lifts at the new National Library. Since there are five elevators, you would think getting to higher floors would be a breeze. Wrong. The long waits, averaging five minutes, undid more than one writer and/or guest who was in a hurry. One author bemoaned how he waited a full 10 minutes for the lift, which made him late for the Golden Point Awards ceremony.

Lost In Translation Award

A PANEL of four writers on Translating Text on Aug 27 found themselves adrift when the moderator failed to show up. Panel member Jasmina Tesanovic took over. Without the moderator, the discussion overran its time slot of 3 to 4pm, ending nearly 20 minutes over time.

This led to much unhappiness for audience members for the next talk by popular Singapore writer You Jin. Her session was delayed by about half an hour. Library staff had to scramble to move in enough chairs to accommodate more than 300 fans who had shown up and started queueing as early as 4pm.


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Postby sapphire » Wed, 07 Sep 2005 2:34 pm

WIMH, you'll have to wait a while to meet Bubbs, she lives in Wales! :D
It's not getting any smarter out there. You have to come to terms with stupidity, and make it work for you.

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Wind In My Hair
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Postby Wind In My Hair » Wed, 07 Sep 2005 6:14 pm

sapphire wrote:WIMH, you'll have to wait a while to meet Bubbs, she lives in Wales! :D

ah so, little nuggets like that are very useful indeed... thanks saph! :kiss:

well bubbs, you got lucky there... i was about to unload an avalanche of my bad poetry on you!


Postby Guest » Mon, 12 Sep 2005 2:30 pm

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