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Penile enlargement surgery

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Leo Leo

Penile enlargement surgery

Post by Leo Leo » Mon, 05 Sep 2005 1:32 am

Hi, pls dont bombard me abt this post. but i really seriously want to get more information and go for it. And pls understand my problem first. thanks everyone.

i know alot pple will tell me 'size doesnt matter' etc. but it does at times.-dont you agreed in everyones heart? and i am not going for big size kind, just average or sighly above average if possible.

I am born with smaller than average size penis(sure abt this,after research) and have always be shy abt this, i will try to cover myself in public toilet where other guys will remove their towels let their penis hanging, i really admire wat they have. - total lost of confidence on this. (want to gain back my confident level, this not only affects my sexual life, also to my gerneral life).This is the worst nitemare every guy will want to happen to them.

Although i dont have erectile dysfunction, i have smaller then average even after erection.

The next problem(worst nitemare for every guy) is i have Premature Ejacution problem, when i have intercourse with my partner, almost everytime i ejaculate in less than 1 min... yesh, less than 1 min.
Of course i can make my partner orgasm by foreplay or post etc.. but this is not the reason or excuse that i can just leave my sickness and forget abt it and try to be happy. - I have tried all kinds of method, etc pills, phycology, commence from doctor saying,'its all in your mind'(this is really crap,this are from pple who dont understand the illness cause they dont have one) etc... but it all doesnt work.

I have even tried viagra,Regalis,Cialis, penile enlargement pills of afew companys, penis pump, penis enlongation equipment, sercert instruction booklet, etc etc, spending around $10 - 20k. not having any permanent changes. - some does help to harden it more, but this isnt what i wanted..

I now looking for information on penile enlargement surgry, unsure of side effects, pro and cons and result yet. - just started searching for information. would like to ask if any of you all, gentlemen or ladies got any information or ideal of this ? anybody you get to know of has done that ? which doctor recommended? where? which country? how much? etc.. I dont mind paying more but what i want is a good job done and satisfy me and worth what i will be going thru.

Ladies can also gives commences on this , what if your partner have a penile enlargement surgry done before ? etc...

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Re: Penile enlargement surgery

Post by Ben_abc » Sun, 25 Feb 2018 10:32 am

Hi Leo, it needs a lot of courage to post this. I have you got a solution for your problem now? I would like to seek such help as well.

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Re: Penile enlargement surgery

Post by Markk786 » Mon, 05 Mar 2018 2:30 pm

I would suggest you to better go for herbal treatment rather than surgery because it poses some other risk as well.
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Strong Eagle
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Re: Penile enlargement surgery

Post by Strong Eagle » Tue, 06 Mar 2018 12:36 am

Markk786 wrote:I would suggest you to better go for herbal treatment rather than surgery because it poses some other risk as well.
"Herbal treatment" for penile enlargement is a bunch of nonsense. You might as well talk about herbal treatment to make your arm grow longer. It aint gonna happen.

There is also only a very, very slim chance that there is any kind of surgical solution to enlarge your penis. However, you could contact surgeons who specialize in sex change operations. If there is anyone who has the information about this, it would be these people.

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Re: Penile enlargement surgery

Post by bgd » Tue, 06 Mar 2018 9:48 am

Strong Eagle wrote:... very, very slim chance that there is any kind of surgical solution ...
OP 'raised' his issue back in 2005. So he's either sorted it (unlikely as SE says) or he's driving a Hummer or Lambo to make him feel better.

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