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Post by Oriental » Wed, 14 Sep 2005 5:33 am

ksl wrote:Did you know that many budding entrepenuers cannot read or write, the clever ones don't waste money, they make the money work for them. ….
Quite right. In fact, formal education sometimes has a tendency to reduce the development of the personal traits that promotes entrepreneurship. The book on Micro Economics is NOT a Bible, even if some people may think so. Like the many business managers who find looking for solutions in “the Bible”
Impossible is nothing!

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Post by Ling2 » Fri, 16 Sep 2005 11:26 am

I love fashion! :D so as a customer..I like to share my view.

I do use skype, and adores H&M clothes, often go europe, norway or london to shop at H&M.... I spent alot there coz there's no H&M in Singapore. H&M also carry a wide price range for very good quality basic wear, and I truly believe in..paying the price for better quality

As for Far East, I hardly shop there coz of the crowd..mostly teens. I like some of the stuff there, bought a few stuff..a long time ago..but just don't appeal much to me..even though the price is low. Quality wasn't as good too...

You might think that am a "brand" shopper, but I has dresses from IS that cost 70 bucks to dresses from BCBG that cost over 1k, shoes from 15 bucks to 400 bucks. Ferragamo/Prada bags over 1k and bata bags cost only 20 bucks. I have to say..the quality is so obivous to the eyes...
I would definately buy a no name brand if it has quality!

Then again.. I hardly shop in's more fun shopping overseas... and no..can't buy online clothes...the fit is most important...clothes that look nice on the rack or online might not so when you try them on.... so no online shopping unless it's electronic.

Another thing, I don't shop for fun, when I shop..I already know what I want and I shop fast.

Could this be the typical Singaporean demograhpic?

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