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what the hell is incest?

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Postby Guest » Thu, 01 Sep 2005 10:37 pm

Eric from the Netherlands wrote:I think the emoticon :delete: expresses an emotion (hey, emoticons, right... :? ), which is: i won't talk to this person about this crap.

So we didnot delete the topic, we didnot make anyone (including the OP) shut up, we just expressed an emotion / feeling on this crap, that's all. So no censorship was being practiced here.

The OP is just trying to setup some flaming here, he already started the same thread somewhere else and now restarted.

If you want to get into discussion with him, by all means, but for me it is a clear :delete:pos


i'm not that guy who said he is decent or whatsoever...i'm a gal...another person...i'm just helpless teenager duh~

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Postby riversandlakes » Fri, 02 Sep 2005 11:47 am

:shit: :delete:

Raven wrote:
What's the problem he wasn't having a go at anyone or insulting anyone. Why delete the topic? If you don't like it don't read or reply to it. It is pretty clear from the title what the subject was about

Agree with you on this ringo 100.

As for riversandlakes
:shit: :delete:

you are right :shit: and your post is an example of it.
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