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visiting singapore/job search

Postby b*n » Mon, 29 Aug 2005 10:48 pm


my name is ben and i'm from germany. i'm planning to visit singapore in october for 4 weeks. i will be mainly looking for a job opportunity because i would like to live in the city for some time. i am fortunate enough to be able to stay at a relative's place (part of my family is from indonesia, they have an apartment in singapore).

i got a couple of questions about application procedures. first of all i would like to know if you believe it is an advantage to be looking for a job directly while staying in the city, or if it might be better to try to apply for a job before and only come to the city for possible interviews ?
i am a sound/video technician & radio producer. my main focus will be on recording studios and radio stations (english language).
would it be highly unusual or inappropriate to personally visit these companies with appointments to ask for a job ? (of course with the usual application documents too). of course i will also apply the traditional way :D
it is probably a different situation for the type of businesses i am looking for, i'm under the impression that people working with music are somewhat different from maybe people in the financial or management sector at times.

re: application documents...
havent done much research yet, cause i made the decision to go to singapore just recently. what are the usual parts of an application. i am already putting together a resume. picture ? Testimonials of former employers ? Educational diplomas and certificates? if so, i guess i will have to have them translated here by an attorney or something..

thanks for your help.


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