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Post by EdithC » Wed, 02 Nov 2005 9:48 pm

jinkel wrote: My poor son (3.5 years old) is just dying for some fun & friends. And a decent playground.... :mrgreen:
Maybe you can try the the playground at West Coast Park (there is a MacDonald). It is big and lots of interesting facilities for him to explore.

Note: Try not to go there around 5 or 6ish. very crowded.

My kids love that place.

blue twinkle
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Post by blue twinkle » Mon, 21 Nov 2005 1:31 pm

i agree that being a 'hippie' is a state of mind. i am currently looking for a childcare that actually respects children. my son is 4. he was traumatised by a previous childcare here in the tanglin area and i do not wish to repeat his unhappy experience. do any of you 'hippies' out there :wink: know of one in the tanglin/orchard area? i have visited about 7 and they are all either very focused on the 'curriculum' or seem to have no understanding of children's psychology.
will start a new thread on this search as i am at my wits end! i agree that if a child is happy/relaxed, learning will come naturally to them. ( as my son is. ) he is so interested in counting and reading without me actually focusing on him learning anything!

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