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Malaysian space plans

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Postby Guest » Mon, 29 Aug 2005 12:51 pm

I believe some high ranking malaysian govt. official wants to inflate his deflated ego or he is suffering from an inferiority complex. so he has got to prove that he can be the best, he can explore space, have the tallest building, this that bodoh cheebye. :D

very low class country

Postby very low class country » Mon, 29 Aug 2005 1:54 pm

Reading these comments. I just realise how ethnocentric Malaysia has become in the 21st century!

They sit in parliament to make laws, head ministries who they themselves have no confident in, fail to raise it above level and send their own children to overseas because they know, the quality of education in Malaysia is not good.

First, Malaysians……….you have been cheated by BN politicians and second, Malaysians……….the BN leaders sucked you, they use your tax money to finance their children overseas but your children have been neglected…………double fool.

Have commented that malays including intellectuals want non-meritocracy and NEP to stay or implemented. Even malay intellectuals distrust feelings against multiracial parties even though they are against Umno.

They believe that only Umno can protect malays rights. Therefore it is imperative that non-malays vote opposition to change the present system otherwise non-malays will continue to send their children overseas for education because they have no choice, whilst malays politicians and wealthy ones will continue to send their children overseas because the education standard here is low.

How ironic.

MAS case is only the tip of the iceberg. The whole country administration machinery, privatized or not privatized, is governed by a bunch of incompetents.

We can't trust our schools and universities as the BN leaders also send their children overseas to study, as they themselves also can't trust the education system.

In case of sickness, our BN leaders also rush to Singapore or overseas to seek treatments, as they themselves also can't trust our own medical system. The only thing we can hear is the boastfulness everywhere in this Bolehland.

If we correct from our mistakes we are still men. But the trouble is that we keep on repeating mistakes, and instead of correcting, we keep on fining excuses.

Worst still we want to imagine that we are great, sending astronaut to the space using other people's spaceship.

In the end, the money come from the rakyat again to fund these losses while the BN leaders and top management get away with huge pay packages, and to make matters worst, they will just run away with it.

Yes, this is the secret recipe called 'Boleh' only available in Bolehland!

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