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White women smell like Rafflesias...they are very fragrant!

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Postby sundaymorningstaple » Wed, 24 Aug 2005 9:38 pm

Definitely a pungent troll!

Several species of Rafflesia grow in the jungles of Southeast Asia, all of them threatened or endangered. Rafflesia arnoldii is the largest; its blossom attains a diameter of nearly a meter and can weigh up to 11 kg. Not only is it the world's largest flower, it is one of the most bizarre and improbable organisms on the planet.

It produces no leaves, stems or roots but lives as a parasite on the Tetrastigma vine, which grows only in primary (undisturbed) rainforest. Only the flower or bud can be seen; the rest of the plant exists only as filaments within its unfortunate host. The blossom is pollinated by flies attracted by its scent, which resembles that of carrion.

The Rafflesia is rare and fairly hard to locate. It is especially difficult to see in bloom; the buds take many months to develop and the blossom lasts for just a few days. How many of these strange plants still survive is unknown, but the last of them can be expected to vanish as the remaining primary forests of Borneo and Sumatra are burned.

Jane Shelton

Postby Jane Shelton » Thu, 25 Aug 2005 9:36 am

...."The blossom is pollinated by flies attracted by its scent, which resembles that of carrion. ....."

Hey I definitely do not smell like that! Admittedly I may have a slightly unpleasant odour when I am having my menses but all women have this same isn't just restricted to white women. But I would agree that our men generally, and I say generally ( so don't jump on me) have a more pungent flavour than the Chinese lads here. However to be fair, most of the Chinese lads have bad teeth and very very distinctive foul breath. Hopefully I have not upset anyone inadvertently. It is just my view culled from my own experiences.

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