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Postby Maory » Wed, 17 Aug 2005 2:44 pm

i saw this ad for iSlim product. i think it`s called iSlim if im not wrong =/ . has anyone tried this product? are they any good?

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Postby zakka » Sat, 20 Aug 2005 3:35 am

hi.. like to share this great slimming product slimmer's choice.

Weight Control

Helps control appetite.
Helps your body break down protein and fat.
Helps reduce your body’s ability to store fat and improve metabolism by:
Burning fat via 'thermogenesis'
Triggering fatty acid oxidation in the liver, thus helping to prevent
excess carbohydrates from turning into fat and storing it in your body.
Burns more calories.
Aids toning and muscle growth.

Body Cleansing (Detoxification)

Improves the immune system by cleansing the body from accumulated toxins.
Helps regulate bowel movement.
Helps promote peristaltic action in the intestinal canal.
Cleanses and restores natural tone to the colon.
Helps improve sluggish colon that is chronically constipated.
Helps improve flow of secretion of the stomach, liver and pancreas.
Improves the treatment of hemorrhoids. It is non-irritating, and
allows formation of soft stool for painless passage.
Helps with catarrhal conditions of the throat, urinary system and uterus.
Purifies blood.

Improving Mental Function

Combats fatigue, effects of anxiety and stress.
Improves mental functions such as concentration and memory.
Relieves ailments such as headaches and hangovers.
Quickens perceptions.
Revitalizes the nerves and brain cells.
Aids restful sleep.

Improving General Health

Promotes anti-aging.
Improves energy level.
Helps body invigoration.
Aids treatment of high blood pressure.
Beneficial in lowering blood pressure.
Helps your body use insulin, a hormone that transfers blood sugar (glucose) to the cell
to be burned as fuel.
Helps your body maintain normal blood sugar levels.
May help diabetics control blood sugar level.
Helps prevent diabetes in people with insulin resistance.
Helps reduce LDL (bad) and increase HDL (good) cholesterol level;
thus reduces risk of heart disease.
Helps restore nervous system.

Improving Complexion and Skin Conditions

Promotes healthy skin and treats skin inflammations.
Improves wound-healing capabilities.
Combats skin diseases by cleansing blood

pm/e-mail me for more details!

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