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NOISY neighbours/flatmates

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NOISY neighbours/flatmates

Postby Bionic » Mon, 15 Aug 2005 10:29 pm

Plavt wrote:Well Baron Greenback looks like you have the edge over me. You would save yourself a fortune on those earplugs (without the cat of course) I have had to buy from the chemist over the years due to number of noisy B*s I have had living next to me in recent years. Hope your cat doesn't eat those too Ha Ha!

Plavt, hope u dont mind i picked up on yr comment- it reminded me of my neighbours who blast their TV but closer to home flatmates who have the TV on loud, talk loudly, move around the kitchen loudly all after bed time! I even wake up at the sound of ice cubes clanking into the glass!
How to tell them- they have the one up on me having lived there longer and i have made a few mistakes- honest ones like leaving the iron on or having locked myself out - these are one off things but they always bring these issues up when i bring up the subject of something i dont like in the flat!!
Yes, i know i need to find a new flat but thats not feasible for a few months due to other factors- i guess im just venting!!!

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Postby Plavt » Tue, 16 Aug 2005 3:09 am

Bionic, this unfortunately is an all too common occurrence throughout the world and in general cities tend to be worse than rural communes. You do of course have my sympathies but as I don't live in Singapore I really don't know what to advise. In this country the local councils (politically elected local bodies responsible for local services e.g. refuse, rates, street cleaning etc.) in most cities have a noise abatement officer whom one can call regarding the level of noise which they will investigate and warn the offender should they consider, based on certain criteria, to be excessive. For a number of reasons it doesn't always work out that easily as they have to establish who the culprit is and they can't always be certain of the names of people who live in certain premises - take it from me a good many things in this country are not as efficient as they are believed to be although I have no idea how Singaporeans view us.

Hope you are able to find an answer somehow but I do feel it is wrong that these people should drive you out. Best see your local councillor or equivalent if such exists in Singapore.

Wish you all the best even if what I say here is 'cold comfort'.

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