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Post by shenna » Wed, 10 Aug 2005 2:54 pm

Okay, so i used to be overweight, as in 5'1, and 60kg, but now im 5'1 45kg so im happy about tt. i ate healthy fruits and veggies, and tuna most of the time for two months, and exercised well. i was happy and fine with it, but when school started, things went wrong. i saw my friends eating so many things, mee goreng, pasta, bee hoon, chocolates...and i started to crave for it. its been one week since i stopped exercising and i cant stop eating!! i eat even when im full, and continue again and again. im not able to stop.. i just dont see how other singaporeans manage to eat all the food they like and stay fit all the time , and it gets me sad. :cry: but right now my main problem, is my eating habit, i cant stop. im only 15, and i dont want to get overweight again. can anyone tell me how i can control myself, or is there any pills or medicines to help me? any help is appreciated, thanks alot

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Post by psying » Wed, 10 Aug 2005 3:27 pm

laxlax..go thru yr stage before..when i tout of dieting den i strave myself...stay with all kind of so call healthy food and im always nt full but i dont eat..i strave..end up after one mth..i eat more unhealthy...chocolate, biscuits,cake, pastries, deep fied food..u name it i eat it..i cant stop too...

likely cause yr stomach cant adjust to yr eating habits exericise...give yrself some treat smtimes..dont deprive from all kinds of food u like...divide the portions...

determined is the word..somemore u going thru puberty stage..

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