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Plastic surgery is a necessity in today's world. Agree?

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Plastic surgery is a necessity in today's world. Agree?

Postby Guest » Tue, 09 Aug 2005 12:25 am

Think back to the last job interview you went to. Like most of us you were probably trying your best to impress your prospective employer with your skills, intellect, and yes even your physical appearance. We all pick out our favorite outfits from the closet and comb our hair in that special way. Today in the United States by having cosmetic surgery, some people who do not suffer from any significant disfigurement are even deciding what face and body features will make them more physically attractive. On the other hand a very small amount of people in the world have reconstructive surgery to change frightening disfigurements.

Sheldon Kabaker, MD, FACS, a practicing cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, explained, "both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery are considered types of plastic surgery." He continued, "fixing the abnormal to normal is considered reconstructive surgery, and forming the normal into something better is considered cosmetic surgery." Peggy Ching, MD, also a practicing cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon commented, "sometimes the boundary between cosmetic and non-cosmetic becomes a philosophical issue."

As we enter the twentieth century, we are beginning to see radical changes in the way cosmetic surgery is viewed by the general public. It is no longer just for the rich and famous. Modern American society places high values on physical appearance, especially youth and beauty. One U.C. Berkeley student commented, ‘It’s too bad that cosmetic surgery actually exists, because now women are supposed to have a certain image and if they don’t they are looked down upon and feel they need to have surgery to improve their looks." She went on to say, "if women never had cosmetic surgery in the first place then there wouldn’t be perfect people and others trying to be perfect also." She stated as a result, "I too feel I should look perfect." Dr. Ching commented, "we are a species evolved with certain images of our being that tends to discriminate based on appearance." She continued, "there would not be an industry of fashion and Vogue magazine and Hollywood and movie stars if this was not true. It is simply what is happening out there."

In a recent survey of U.C. Berkeley students, approximately one out of five said they have considered cosmetic surgery. In the same survey half the students surveyed said they personally knew someone who has had cosmetic surgery, of which 90% of those who knew someone who had cosmetic surgery said they felt the person was pleased with the results of their surgery. Yet it was found from this survey three fourths said they felt cosmetic surgery is just a trend. One student commented, "natural beauty is the best and fake people should be looked down upon."

In wondering if cosmetic surgery is just a trend, it is interesting to compare the comments of two students with similar disfigurements but different feelings about having cosmetic surgery. Both currently have scars approximately three-eigths of an inch wide by six inches long longitudinally through the patellar region of their left knee. These scars are the result of anterior crucial ligament transplants to reconstruct theirs knees after suffering sports injuries. The first whom we will call Sarah said, "I want to have cosmetic surgery done to reduce the size of the scar so that I will be less self-conscious about it, it is not pleasant to look at." On the other hand the second student whom we will call Michael said, "I have never thought of having cosmetic surgery. I'm not at all self-conscious of it (the scar)." Michael continued to comment, "I don't think it's grotesque and you have to actually look for it to notice it." So while Michael seems to be unphased by his scar Sarah explained, "because of it (her scar) I never wear shorts or short dresses anymore because they show my scar. I really would like to be able to wear short clothes again without being self-conscious."

In this example it is possible gender trends are a significant factor. Dr. Kabaker stated in his practice he has about five female patients for each male patient. He also said he has observed that, "women are much more concerned with their social standing than men." Although in this case both patients are college students (much younger than the average cosmetic surgery patient) it is possible gender related age trends could be a factor. Dr. Kabaker stated that women generally start considering cosmetic surgery around their late thirties while men usually are not concerned with it until about their early fifties. However, for this comparison it seems that the choice of cosmetic surgery varies with personal feeling. Thus, maybe the decision to have or not have cosmetic surgery actually depends on personal values not the current trend, and one student was right in saying, "it’s here to stay."

As cosmetic surgery continues to become available to more people in society the goal of health care becomes a question. Should it only be to help people survive or should it be to help people succeed. Dr. Ching stated, "it is true cosmetic surgery is not vital to human survival, if we still live a primitive existence in the jungle!" She continued, "looks do count if you aspire to succeed in modern society. Video cameras are everywhere. Our image is being captured every time we step up to an ATM machine or enter a store." She suggested, "those who think appearance is not important and that cosmetic surgery is frivolous are missing the boat."

Maybe in the future the majority of these students will change their mind and demand that a patients aesthetics be covered by insurance as cosmetic surgery continues to be more acceptable and available. In the mean time here in America individuals will continue deciding if cosmetic surgery will increase their emotional, social, or professional status. At the same time individuals in underdeveloped countries will be thankful that the miracle of surgery has been able to give them the hope of living a normal life by fixing the disfigurements that marred their bodies and their lives.



Postby guest21 » Tue, 09 Aug 2005 11:48 pm

Too long, lazy 2 read liao lah! Yes loh, esp. if u go korea b4.. if the girl is somewhat not pretty, they'll not get a job.

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