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Postby Peeved » Thu, 04 Aug 2005 2:29 pm

I have the flu- its actually only symptoms of flu- but its really my body saying - get more sleep! as i have had little over the past two weeks.
Today at the office, hearing me cough and sneeze, one of the office managers told me to go home and work from home. I told her i dont have a land line at home (most of my work is done via phone) and therefore i will have to continue to work from the office. She didnt look happy so i said- if i can i will work from the conference room.
In the corridor my bosses and colleagues walk afar from me and turn their head away, for fear of breathing my 'germs'.

One would think i have leprosy or air borne aids or something. I went to the pharmacy- got antiseptic wipe,anti bacterial spray, vit C and send an email (as politely as i could word it!) and told them all im concerned about their health and they are free to use the stuff which i have laid out in the pantry and that i'll be using it liberally too.

Yes the flu is a virus which is airborne and thru contact- but i dont always catch it even when i am in a room of 20 people with the flu!! Its in the mind- if you are healthy and mentally resistant you'll be ok.
In my case- i knew that 2 weeks of 3-4 hrs or less sleep daily coupled with poor eating habits would soon take its toll.

Im just very peeved at this behaviour!!!

Has anyone else experienced this?

A Manager

Time for MC

Postby A Manager » Thu, 04 Aug 2005 4:40 pm

It's not appropriate to ask a colleague to work in a conference room because they are unwell. If there are concerns about contagion, you should simply be given sick leave.

I appreciate the concern of anyone wanting to avoid picking up a bug. But the polite and professional response is to send you home for rest.


Postby Peeved » Thu, 04 Aug 2005 4:52 pm

I dont mind continuing to work- we are pressed for time, deadlines and results and im not yet debilitated, so i can take my lemsip or panadol and all the stuff and work - i just wish they didnt look at me like I was the GERM rather than the germ 'carrier' which i dont feel i am.

A lot of illness really is in the mind and that has been scientifically proven.
Ive been wearing a surgical mask too-- just to rub it in- but none of them see the 'mickyness' of it- duh!!!

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