Blackshop selling PS2 at Bukit Panjang

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Blackshop selling PS2 at Bukit Panjang

Post by concento » Thu, 08 Jul 2004 9:41 am

Why I call this blackshop? Here the story.

At 1st July, I send in my PS2 set for check up on why It cannot play some JPN (pirate). My set is a US set mods with U/C and can play UC and Pal game very smoothly (pirate). Last year april, I bought the set from this blackshop and mods with U/C chip for $600+ . So I decided to go back to this particular game shop.

On 1st July, I brought my set to check to the shop, I complained about the problem and brought some games (pirate) to test. the shop keeper wouldn't want to test set and said that his technician will check the set. He said I can take back the set if I wouldn't want to repair it. I insist to test the set but he reluctant to do so. I had no choice but to leave my set with him.

7th july, I decided to took back the sets as the repair for changing lense is $145.oo. I took back and test the set immediately, found out that the DVD drive wasn't running at all!! regardless of what game I tried. I check the set, found out one screw is missing and I took my set down to the shop.

I demand an answer from the shop keeper. He say he duno anything and my technician didn't even open up the set!. He call his technician and ask me to talk to him. His technician says that he open up my set and found out the lense has already worn off. But i insisted that at the least return back the set as the same condition. The technician says there is no proof that your set actually work in the first place. I was furious and dun wan to talk anymore. He says the only way now is to spend $145 to change the lense.

What he meant to say is that I have no choice but to repair with them. These Idiots!!! b*st*rds!!! may th*m di*d and r*t in h*ll.

Everyone, please keep away from this shop. It sell expensive stuff that doesn't carry any warranty. BUT this shop situated in the heart of town centre which many kids patronised. Parents, dun let your kids get cheated by the c*nman. :evil:

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Re: Blackshop selling PS2 at Bukit Panjang

Post by lazyhamster » Mon, 04 Apr 2005 7:42 pm

wa!! near where ah? i live at dis area leh... so f*** up ah e shop?
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Post by jpatokal » Tue, 05 Apr 2005 12:18 am

So why don't you post the shop's name and/or contact CASE? Anonymous whinging does nobody any good.


Post by Guest » Fri, 08 Apr 2005 9:59 am

jpatokal wrote:So why don't you post the shop's name and/or contact CASE? Anonymous whinging does nobody any good.
If his is able to complaint to CASE regarding his MODDED SET he wouldn't have whinger here.....

Its ILLEGAL to MODDED SET why would he wanna get himself into legal stuffs which serves higher penality for complaining against the shop juz for $145???

Anyway, this chap is kind enough to warn the public about the "black" shop...BEWARE

UPzz for him :)

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Post by Third world language » Fri, 15 Apr 2005 10:46 pm

I'll bet he did contact CASE, but they could not figure out what he's writing, just like most of us.

Lookie, he posted the gibberish on July 8, 2004, and only by April 4, 2005, did someone who speaks his language, responded. Of course, none of us understand that either.

It's funny how people post on this board but do not make an attempt to speak the language of this board.

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