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Entry-level Management Consulting / I-Banking positions

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Entry-level Management Consulting / I-Banking positions

Postby xylobug » Thu, 28 Jul 2005 5:17 pm

Okay, so I've got one of those irritating hard-luck stories: I'm a Malaysian who graduated from a top ten university last year with a BA in Political Science (I also took a bunch of advanced Economics classes out of pure interest, including game theory, probability modeling, and what-have-you).

After graduating, I got a position as an analyst with a consulting firm and signed a contract to start in November; unfortunately, just before my start date, the office restructured and my position was eliminated.

Work visas in the US are subject to a salary cap, and, long story short, after several months of interviewing, I was unable to find any entry-level positions in the consulting industry because a) I was working out of the normal recruiting cycle and b) the work visas ran out (i.e. "We'd love to have you work here, but we need someone to fill the position immediately")

Since my student visa is expiring, I'm returning to Malaysia in the next few weeks and I'm particularly interested in multinational consulting (and finance) jobs in the region. I've only started researching positions (as well as a few exploratory phone calls to firms) in the region, and I'd be grateful if anyone could give me some good pointers on what I'm looking for. I'd love to work for a place like McKinsey, but I'm aware that the time frame I'm working in probably misses out on their normal BA recruiting cycle.

Anyway, I look forward to everyone's replies--I hope I don't sound like a big crybaby!

(A little about me: I've, er, relatively good research and writing skills,as well as the ability to pick apart a 10K filing with my eyes closed. I'm also pretty good with Excel VBA. Lots of international experience (I'm a diplobrat). And I did a whole bunch of team sports and leadership activities during college, yadda yadda yadda...)


Donts cry over spilt milk

Postby Jose_ID » Thu, 04 Aug 2005 4:09 pm

no that is not a hard story to believe.However if you were living in this region you might have known that most employers in Singapore dont give a damn to any fancy Graduate degree even if it from á foreign university. If you donot have a job already i recommend you keep your expectations low for now.Here the practice is they would value a polytechnic more because he/ she can be pressed harder and paid lesser for the same job that you do .(Nothing like a work life balance concept in thispart of the world)
However some of the well known companies that have large density of foreigners/professionals and MBAs/CFAs working for them do appreciate the knowledge and skills you bring along from college and are more tolerant than those locals who have compartmental vision and often lack sanity(be ready for judgmental statements from perfect strangers too)
It is true that it is a bad time to look for a consulting assignment especially with your kind of generalist profile...but try to apply to all the management consulting firms online. For advise and a list look at works and atleast people there are decent enough to reply back with a feed back . Try Bain, BCG and those genre. Also try ADLittle, I heard they are recruiting.You could try some of the market research jobs , they are plenty,though do not know if you would like them.You would be ideally suited for an Associate level job which is good , but the time may not be perfect. If you can afford try these tricks at the end of the year and do follow up desperately people are perineally busy but do enjoy some of the attention they get from job seekers like you .
If you want an extended visa to stay here and search for a job go to Contact Singapore at the Treasury building here and impress the lady there with your superior academic qualifications . She may give you an EPEC.take an appointment. And all the best for your endevours and wish me luck too because I am also in the same boat , only the stakes are a lot higher for me .
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Postby jose_id » Thu, 04 Aug 2005 4:12 pm

Sorry that is
Stay Hungry Stay Foolish


Financial Services Industry ( position opening)

Postby Guest » Wed, 17 Aug 2005 3:07 pm

My company Brenda Tan Organisation is currently shortlisting for suitable candidates for the new intake of management trainees. You can give me, Jessica a call at 62288618 or email .

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