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SQ Interview

Post by Rosey » Wed, 27 Jul 2005 10:48 pm

Hi all ,
Very interesting info posted here .
Juz wan to share wif everyone . Dun give up hope . Try your best and good luck .
I received an invitation for the interview for this Saturday 30/07/2005 at 10 40hrs . Timing kindda inconvenient as I need to rush off to work after the interview . On afternoon shift that day . Yikes !! Still thinking whether to go or not .
Anyway , kindda caught off guard . Sent in my application during the June advertisements . Thought my chances are over as the interviews were scheduled for 2nd & 3rd July . Didn't receive any invitations then . Thought have to apply again the next round . Sekali , last week , was surprised to find the invitation for this week in my e-mail . Haha ! Suspect I'll be joining the group of Malaysian applicants as SQ had a Malaysian recruitment recently .
So I think SQ can just bomb U with an invitation anytime as they carry out interviews all the time due to the recruitment for different nationalities . Or maybe they couldn't find the ideal people they are looking for in the initial interviews , so they decided to extend their 'search' to those who haven't been invited .
Whatever the case , I wish goodluck and all the best to everyone who's trying out for the job or intending to try for it . May U snag the job of our dreams . :D
P/s : Dun think I'll get far in the interviews lah . Small panda eyes , big sized , too old , yucky skin , can't talk , dunno how to dress properly ....etc....Hahaha ! But juz for the experience . If can get through , means the pigs can fly . :D But at least next time when I'm old and looking back , don't need to say "I wish I had tried."
Once again , GOODLUCK to all !!


may i know hows the interview?

Post by ckb » Sun, 07 Aug 2005 3:23 am

can let me know hows the first interview and whats the question they ask?


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