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Silent Is Golden (Sengkang kopi tiam)

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Silent Is Golden (Sengkang kopi tiam)

Postby Guest » Mon, 25 Jul 2005 9:26 pm

it's long time I nvr been to any sengkang 118 foodcourt not
really saving cost but my boyfriend insisted to go Hougang
Sushi are consider cheap & moderate to him. Moreover we
dun have to pay for anger, when making a comparison wif
Sengkang rude kapo hawker we feel much comfortable with
Suki Sushi

Just now on the way to punggol I met 3notti student boy
used to called me old granny, when I saw them far away
they kept turning back their head to see me, I told myself
something fishy, so I made a big move to the main road
to the bus stop and hope it could rain heavily althou I dun
really punish someone younger like my cousin age but
just counted their luck today even heaven is on my side
I m so happy to see them get drenched when those day
I was being silently bullied by them

Happy Lucky day!

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