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Want details about Pay package & Consultancies in SG

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I'm an Indian

Want details about Pay package & Consultancies in SG

Post by I'm an Indian » Thu, 21 Jul 2005 1:57 pm

Hello Sing Frnds,

I have been interviewed for "X Company" through consultant "Y Consultant". I have been told that I will be on sub contract to the company and this is initially for 6 months and based on performance will be extendable.

I have close to 7 years of experience in IT, Open Systems and Mainframe specialization NATURAL/ADABAS. I havenot discussed about the package,
i left it to them as i am not desperately looking to relocate to singapore. My feeling is, if i get a good package then i will, else not.

I would like to hear from you frnds that how much will be a fair package for my specialization ? considering the fact that i am getting S$36,000 in india currently. Even then, will they really extend based on performance ? bcz I have no doubt on my performance.

I appreciate your early response to this.

Thanks & Regards,
I'm an Indian

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