How to remove 'Symantec Email Proxy deleted message' emails

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How to remove 'Symantec Email Proxy deleted message' emails

Post by sam » Mon, 05 Jul 2004 1:08 pm

How do I remove the 'Symantec Email Proxy deleted message' spams from my emails? It's very annoying!!


How to remove

Post by Glitch » Mon, 05 Jul 2004 10:51 pm

Happen to go to a site and here's the answer from an expert..

>>> Everything I'm reading about this specific error message, "Symantec Email Proxy Deleted message", indicates the problem is with Norton Internet Security (which I think is built-in to system works).

I found this answer burried in 'Google Answers', for the exact same problem:

Ok, the good news is, it probably is not a virus but rather a glitch
in Norton. Norton has recognized the problem and running LiveUpdate is
supposed to fix the problem. Assuming you use Norton LiveUpdate
regularly and it hasn't fixed it yet, here is what to do...

Open Outlook
Go to Tools -> Options -> Mail Setup -> click on "Send and Receive".
Set "Check for New Messages" for a longer time than you have it set
for now - this may take some experimenting, try 15 minutes at first
and shorten or lengthen it depending on the results. If you want to
test it, set it for 30 minutes and your problem should definitely be

Here is why...

"Norton Internet Security 2003 software prevented from deleting innocent emails
Symantec has fixed a flaw in part of its Norton Internet Security 2003
security software suite that can cause email to be deleted before it
reaches a user's inbox.
Users had complained that Norton Internet Security 2003 was deleting
email. All that appeared in the inbox was a message with "Symantec
Email Proxy Deleted Message" in the subject line, said Katherine
James, a Symantec spokeswoman."
"'If a user was running the computer continuously and was receiving a
large volume of email, or they had configured their email client to
check the mail server frequently, the Norton Spam Alert could cause
memory allocation errors which could cause the email deletion," said

In short, if updating system works/norton internet security doesn't fix it, you just need to alter your send/recieve timing as detailed above.

If THAT also fails to resolve the issue, then you may be dealing with a variant of the w32.yaha virus. You can download the removal tool here: ... .tool.html

Let us know if that helps at all.

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