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Postby Bomoh » Sun, 17 Jul 2005 2:31 pm

whatalark wrote:To clarify: we don't actually know that Harry has actually had a medium invoke supernatural involvement, but the suggestion has been made to Sally because the whole obsession thing smacks of weirdness and foreignness to Sally's personality.

Interesting that u mentioned "love spell" but this is not the thread for it. Howver emotional rape is very different from love spells but i know something about it because one of i know of many such cases.

The malays and thais are notorious for it- as are others too of course (africa, south america, anywhere) if a woman is obsessed enough with a guy, (or a guy with a woman) and she wants him so bad and knows the right people.. YES..these things DO exist, they have been known to happen,, men have been known to go completely kooky with a certain woman abandoning loving relationships with others.... then it has to be 'fought' with another medicine man/woman's help or spiritual intervention.

But u know the situation her is not so much that.. expat men come here and there is just soooo many women.. thats it.. so many young girls willing to give of themselves... willing to put up with mens crap... willing to be treated badly---

and an equal number of men..willing and able- to dish out the shit too!


Postby Singha » Mon, 18 Jul 2005 10:28 pm

Yes, its true.. malays, thais, indons.. especially malays n thais..
an ex boss used to get dizzy spells, pine after a certain woman when he was totally in love with his wife.. xrays showed nails in stomach.. all sorts of funny stuff.

my own brother in law started treating my sister badly suddenly when she was a few months pregnant, then found some hair, nails and funny stuff in the boot of his car.. had to get a buddhist priest to clear out the bad stuff...

careful what they feed u.. lot of times stuff goes into the food..

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