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Postby egenteka » Mon, 11 Jul 2005 1:03 pm

Hi everyone

I am finishing up my PhD in Canada and moving on. All arrows seem to point towards Biopolis.
I have some questions regarding certain issues. During the course of my graduate studies I have worked with quite a few people from the Orient. Most of the things they told about working issues in their countries are acceptable and similar to many countries I have lived in.
However, I have some concerns. A colleague of mine from Japan for instance, mentioned weekly meetings with the lab (nothing wrong with that) where every member has to have every little detail planned for the coming week. The supervisor has to then approve of the plan so that the work can proceed.
Another colleague from Thailand mentioned an extreme hierarchy system, whereby the junior scientists do not dare phrase their opinions and always have to agree with the senior scientists.
My concern is this; Is it like that in Singapore? Are post docs allowed a certain degree of freedom in their thinking or do they have to follow whatever the supervisor says?
I can of course understand a certain degree of supervision just not absolute power.
Could someone PLEASE let me know? I will really appreciate any input you have to offer

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