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Upper Lip Surgery! Help!

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Upper Lip Surgery! Help!

Postby Gummy » Mon, 11 Jul 2005 5:11 am

Hi...anyone ever heard of any kind of lip surgery here in Sg? I need to correct my smile...cos I've got a gummy smile. :(

I researched but apparently my prob doesnt come under orthodentistry, where they do stuff to your teeth or ur gums to reduce the gummy smile. My teeth are fine the way they are.

What I'm looking for is to bring my upper lip down so it covers my gums more... So when I smile, the upper lip is just above my upper teeth. Like a slice of orange...that kind of semicircle shape.

Bcos currently when i smile, the upper lip becomes an arc... :cry:

I want it a straight horizontal line across my face. Is there a way to maybe get the inside of the upper lip sewn down to the gums?

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