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To furnish or not to furnish

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To furnish or not to furnish

Post by Incoming » Wed, 30 Jun 2004 10:50 pm

Hi everybody,

My boyfriend and I will be arriving in Singapore in September, we will probably stay for around three years. I am currently looking into our options regarding housing and would very much appriciate your help with some of the question that have come up.

Like,what is the rental market like for unfurnished appartments, eg are most appartments out for rent furnished or are a fare few unfurnished as well??

Furthermore, since the company will be paying for the move to Singapore (not back to Holland though), would you recomend to bring our own goods, or leave it in storage?

And if we bring furniture etc., does it make sence to bring white goods?

Anny other tips are very welcom as, at this point, I dont see the forrest through the trees annymore (old Dutch wisdom) :wink:

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Post by zcarz » Thu, 01 Jul 2004 2:44 am

Hi there, we welcome you to Singapore.Hope you enjoy your stay here.

The apartments and condos that are for rental in Singapore varies in prices depending on location mainly.For exp.,a 2 bedroom condo near the city and out of the city has a great difference in price.Furnishings will also varies,for exp. some places which have been bought for investments by some owners which had leased out the place for the past few years,usually would have full furnishings.Usually new developements have little or no furnishings.

About your furnitures.....I would suggest you leave it in the storage if you are returning to Holland after your 3 years stay.If you are going to be posted to somewhere else and not going back Holland,then it makes sense for you to bring your stuff here.If not,it will be quite a hassle bring it here.

Deciding on a place in Singapore will depend on your budget and need.If your company provide you with a car,then it is all right to stay somewhere far from the city,inexpensive rental but bigger size condos.Places near the city will be expensive and have lesser rooms.

Hope to see you around,if you should need any help in getting a place,you could contact the adminstrators here or even reply to me.Cheers....


Post by yok » Thu, 01 Jul 2004 2:27 pm

i suggest you to look for condos which are furnished, but dont pay too much attantion to the furniture itself (if you like it or not)....the basics should be ok, like the beds, a TV, wardrobes etc....if you dont like the rest (sofas, chair etc) just buy new ones at ikea and sell the stuff when you leave in a garage sale...(just put a small ad in the newspaper)...i think this option is really hasslefree and you will like your living environment. its no problem to tell the landlord to remove furniture that you dont like. the most important thing is that you will like the condo and the issues come second.

keep in mind that singapore is very service oriented and cheap.....if you buy a sofa they will deliver it to your house and build it up almost for free

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