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Post by k1w1 » Thu, 14 Jul 2005 9:04 am

Anonymous wrote:>Foreigners are indeed eligible to attend local schools, but be warned that priority is given to locals and foreigners are only eligible to enrol once all steps have been taken to fill spots.

So let me get this straight. My wife and I move to Singapore and our kids score super high on their tests and wish to go to Raffles. However, sice they are simply PRs there will be NO slots available for them since it is the most sought after school by locals?
There are a few ways around this (so I hear - I am by no means an expert here). One way I have heard of is a sizeable donation to the school. I think since you are PR, you may not have to wait till phase three, but other children will still be given priority. Please have a look at the MOE website. I don't want to tell you something that could be wrong.

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