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Detox Methods

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Detox Methods

Post by detox » Wed, 29 Jun 2005 3:43 pm

Hoping to start a thread on Detox methods....

Anyone done any detox in the past? Would you like to share your experience?

I am planning to do a detox no idea how to go about doing it.

I heard of Expressions but does anyone have any idea how to go about doing the Expressions Detox?

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Post by happy_taraz » Wed, 29 Jun 2005 10:32 pm

Baby Cats wrote:At there, There are Few professional fitness consultant over there, and 1 of e fitness consultant help me to check my body fats. And then weight n height. From there they recommend which product i should take. Before goin there I was 71kg. I've used their product for almost 2 to 3 weeks then i loss 2.5kg. I brought a package for three mths. I find that the service over there was gd. It actually explain to me what i lack of.

U have not exactly explain the method they use. What do u eat to detox? Fruits Veggies? Wat kind of products did they make u buy? How much does it cost?

I am curious too....


Post by Guest » Tue, 05 Jul 2005 9:36 am

Detox is not only a once off treatment. it is will need to maintain a healthy constantly remove the toxic in your body...right to your tiny cells where it is produced.
What ever we eat or drink, we cannot escape the "Free Redical" that is degenarating our body cells..i.e ageing, which eventually..lead us to our last breath.
This are some of the reason why..

The Terrible Trio That Assault the Immune System

Poor Nutrition :
- All forms of sugar interfere with the ability of white blood cells to destroy bacteria. A report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition stated that within thirty minutes of consuming four ounces of sugar related food, a 50% reduction in the ability of white blood cells to destroy foreign invaders occurs and can last for over five hours.

The average American ingests 150 grams of white sugar daily.

- Suppressed immunity can come from even a minor deficiency of iron and selenium, two minerals that significant numbers of Americans are lacking. In addition, vitamin A deficiencies are common in children and can cripple immune functions.

- Excessive fat intake impairs immunity. Elevated cholesterol levels can inhibit a number of immune functions including the ability of white blood cells to attack infectious organisms.

- Obesity has been linked to weakened immune function. Overweight people have debilitated white blood cells.

- Hundreds of studies using accepted scientific methods have shown that many pesticides alter the immune system in experimental animals and make them more susceptible to disease.

- Pesticides reduce the numbers of white blood cells and disease-fighting lymphocytes, and impair lymphocytes’ ability to respond to and kill bacteria and viruses.

- A recent report published in Environmental Pollution and Neuroimmunology states that the combined influence of various factors such as chemical agents, radiation, and stress on the immune system may lead to immunodeficiency in the form of respiratory and inflammatory diseases.

- Stress releases biochemicals that suppress immune function, putting us at higher risk for all types of infections.

- How and what we think impacts immunity. New data reports that brain cells make immune chemicals.

- Post-traumatic stress suffered after Hurricane Andrew lowered immune-killer cell counts in test subjects. Any life-changing event brings with it a form of post-traumatic stress, which can make us more susceptible to disease.

Many researchers have found various mix to help us to Detox our body on a daily basis as some have already shared in this forum. May I invite you to visit the site and find out more.

Antioxidants Amazon Style—açai
RioVida is the sole nutritional drink that combines transfer factors with antioxidants. In fact, it inspired the creation of an entirely new drink category, immune system support meets antioxidant energizers
As a blend of 100% pure juices,
RioVida isn’t just an immune builder, although Transfer Factor E-XF increases cellular immune function by 283%; and it isn’t just an antioxidant source, although it contains fruits and berries higher in antioxidants than anything else known

All the best
Bernard @

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