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Is life FAIR?! Or maybe not...I'm Confused..

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Postby Bubbles » Sun, 03 Jul 2005 3:15 am

Hi BlackIce

My heart goes out to you, really it does. My guess is you're quite young, maybe in your teens. This happened with my daughter when she was living in Singapore and going to school there.

She used to hang around with a gang of girls and they were total bitches to her. (I didn't know this til we came back to Britain to live, the little darling had hidden it from me)

They'd laugh when they saw her coming, then pretend it was at something else, they'd go to town as a group, say they were going back to school (she was boarding) then my daughter would get a bus, then see the whole lot of them sitting outside macdonalds or somewhere, still all together in town. Bloody bitches, I wish I'd got my hands on them.

But, what good would it have done, me shouting at them?

Anyway, who the hell knows why they did this? We didn't live somewhere the other mums wouldn't let them visit, we sent her to all the classes and after school stuff, club etc. She wasn't ugly, or fat or some of the stupid reasons these girls have for picking on others.

I cannot tell you why this happened to my daughter, but I can tell you it has affected her still, and this is years ago. She did all she could to stay in with her friends, taking their insults etc.

Some say that there are natural 'victims' in this world, who knows if that's true, but how to change how you are naturally?

Now, whether or not everyone agrees with the course my daughter chose, I cannot tell. It gave her years of unhappiness for sure......but............

listen to this.......

Three of the girls in the group now work in central London and so does my daughter....and guess what? They are now all the best of mates. And have all apologised to her and graceful girl that she is she decided to stay with them.

My daughter has developed into a beautiful and strong woman, and I am sure these cows had something to do with it.

So, I can't tell you what to do, but for me it would be to try new circles of friends, outside of school too. It's the hardest thing to have this on your shoulders at such a young age and I would urge you to tell mum and dad. I didn't know my daughter was suffering, and God knows what I would have done, but I feverently wish she'd told me, at least I could have been there for her.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Dylan Thomas.

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life fair?

Postby whatalark » Sun, 03 Jul 2005 3:55 pm

You know, the reason I chose my signature line "It all came to pass...etc" is because nothing is really permanent in this life. It will all pass; it will all change. Right now, it seems like hell and nothing will ever change and you're stuck with these morons but, believe me, they will grow up and find that what goes around comes around. And they will find that people don't want to be around them if they can avoid them. Why? Cos they never learned what the words "good-hearted" and "compassion" mean. And they never learned how to make these two attributes part of their character.

And life gets tougher when one grows up. Compassion and good-heartedness make life gentler. So, BI, make the best lemonade you can of this bunch of lemons. They sound like a sour bunch to tolerate but, they CAN teach you something. They can teach you to never ever let yourself become like them. So ugly.
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