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Where to stay in Tioman

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Post by Guest » Sat, 09 Jul 2005 10:33 pm

Dunno mate! I was there in 1959 - no problem slept on the beach - well there was just the island and nothing else. But I was an Able Seaman age 21 and didn't rely on this modern crap called 'What should I do?". Get a life, get in there and SEE THE LOCALS and live. YOUTH IS WASTED ON THE YOUNG! :roll:


Post by Guest » Sat, 09 Jul 2005 10:35 pm

Are you for real? I know of a village that needs an idiot where you would be at home

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Post by Wham » Sun, 10 Jul 2005 8:28 pm

ABLE SEAMAN - nice story - and i am sure it was great - but were you travelling with a wife and two kids???

I also did a lot of interesting things like sleeping on mountain cliffs when i was 16 - but... well... we all grow up.

WHEN was the last time you slept on the beach at Tioman??????


Post by desaru » Mon, 18 Jul 2005 8:19 pm

We have stayed at the 2 hotels in Desaru and The Pulai was by far the best. The beach was clean, had a lovely pool, indoor and outdoor playground for the kids. Having said that it is still only 3 stars in my opinion but was quite enjoyable for a few days.

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Post by Carpe Diem » Mon, 18 Jul 2005 8:30 pm

I stayed a few years ago at Panuba ( Certainly not as comfortable as berjaya (I never tried sorry) but the atmosphere was very relaxing and price very affordable. I cannot guarantee how it is now!
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Re: Where to stay in Tioman

Post by ray4u2c » Mon, 24 Jul 2006 12:12 pm

Hummel wrote:Hi , can you recommend a resort on Tioman, which is comfortable but also affordable 8) ?
Hi. I've been Tioman Island for twice and the very last one was on 1st May 2006. :)

I personally prefer set my own trip to Tioman rather than package as offered by several tour agency firms here... they are quite similar to one another and seem lack of choice ie. Genting Village where always packed of Singaporean families. :? Furthermore, price is not cheap at all... coat around SGD250 per head for 3D2N full board package.
:P Enclosed some of my experience to share with:

(1) Land Transport - bus departs from Larkin (JB) to Mersing is the cheapest choice around (about RM15 if not mistaken) but "unfriendly" departure timing is just killing our pleasure time for vocation. Taxi at Larkin seem a good choice but quite costly (about RM250 per way) unless travel with 4 persons a car. Buses from Spore (either Transnasional Coach Services Spore Tel: 65 6294 7034 or Kaiho Coaches JB Tel: 07 241 8208) are good choice. Prefer Kaiho (around SGD30 per trip, although cost higher than Transnasional) as departs for Mersing at very early morning 5.30am from Newton Circus Car Park, it should allow you to catch up your next sea transport before 10.30am. Two-ways ticket are depend on the period you travel... anyway, there are planty of transports from Mersing to JB Larkin.

(2) Sea Transport - speed boat at about RM45 per person per trip is the best choice despite bit its high cost (in fact, few RM more to save time in the boring sea trip is seem reasonable). It takes slightly more than an hour to the destination. Two-ways ticket is most recommended (as to secure return on time) but always call to confirm day before return date on the island. Take the earlier boat as possible to island, the best is to check-in before 2pm at the island.

(3) Accomodation - can't comment much on the resort/hotels as I've only stayed two so far. But i've seem tonnes of people (many Sporean too) crowded especially at Genting, Paya, Lalang and Tekek. Come on, go further... like Salang, Ayer Batang located northern part of the island. I enjoyed 3N at Bamboo Hill Resort at Ayer Batang (or so called ABC)... the expericence was just "heavenly". Quiet, relax, confortable and competitive charge (RM70/night). What else do you ask for a wooden small house stood up to small hill, a balcony facing right in front of open sea, water boiler with free tea / coffee bags as served... I've totally forgotten the world with TV, Hi-Fi, air con, etc. Drop your request at

(4) Foods - various foods (from typical malay, western to BBQ) as serve at restaurants along ABC. price are vary... I particularly prefer Grren Restaurant.

(4) Activities - diving or snorkelling are best activities in the island, if bore with the relaxing / simple village life after all. From Ayer Batang (closer to Coral Island as compared to other villages), standard full day snorkelling trip to Coral Islands & Salang is about RM80 per person... remember to allow RM20 for equipments. Lunch box should be provided... or maybe not?! I took the one offered by a japanese diving guide (Blue Water / Lagoon Diving Centre) costed RM86, inclusive with lunch and new equipments and really nice service. If still not enough though, bring your rented euipment and walk over to Marine Park which located next to Ayer Batang... don't worry, it's definately walking distance, it took about 20 min by bare foot walk. Next, climb the hill... enjoy a little tropical jungle along the path to Panuba for drink. It took about 15 min by bare foot walk. Huh... Night life, there is always a moon light pasty at the pub right end of Ayer Batang village. Meet some foreign friends and enjoy some cooling beer while chatting...

Hope these help.... Cheers :D
For more info, check this

Enclosed some of my humble shoots at this paradise...

(i) Beach

(ii) Sunset

(iii) Starly Night

(iv) Exile Island

(v) See Thru

(vi) Walking Along

(vii) Trees

(viii) Rainbow

(ix) Little Creature

(x) Nice Weather

(xi) Reflection

(xii) Ray

(xiii) Minute Before Nightfall

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Post by sundaymorningstaple » Mon, 24 Jul 2006 12:56 pm


Thank you for the informative post. However, we would appreciate it if you did not spam the forum with identical postings. With that in mind, I have left this post but have deleted your other identical postings made today.


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