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I hate legal aid

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mdm lee

I hate legal aid

Postby mdm lee » Sun, 19 Jun 2005 11:49 pm

hi all
am 31, I filed seperation deed since 4yrs ago . This man is an ex-colleague of mine, those day he
expelled from family when he's heavily indebted to one illegal loan shark. Since then I intoduced him
to my family and offered him shelter

for some time my family discovered this friend of mine has addicted in drinking habit. Most of his time
he assoiciated with friend who's also owing same kind of habit. He used to called them brother, that
is all I knew about him

we held simple wedding ceremony(拜天公) & 3 table in a restaurant during my 20yrs old birthday due to his financial problem
he never turned up to our wedding ceremony, instead he was entertaining his friend outside a coffee shop drinking. he called me
up the next day and told me he was drunk

he many time abused me over the bill. Some time he pushed me on ground, some time he lifted me up and throw me on ground
or sprained my arm when twist and turn many time. I really scared with what he did. On an occasion he abused me at pasir ris
this bad experience had causes many nightmare to me coz there were many pesdestrian police also me ended in the hospital

the most regret is I walked in to legal aid bureau for help. Till now my cases has yet settle. I was told by a friend of mine
that I suppose to get annulment instead of 4year separation deed because my case is that my spouse is too much addicted
in drinking and no time attending to me in bed. That causes us now no baby :x

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