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Comin to Singapore to look for work. Need some advice...

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Comin to Singapore to look for work. Need some advice...

Postby bichoo » Wed, 15 Jun 2005 10:45 am

I need some advice about my plan i'm thinkin about.

I'm thinkin about coming down to Singapore to look for work in the IT/ Software Industry. I just finished my masters in computer science and have had about 2 years work experience. I'm in Canada and I was in Singapore last year for travel and i love the place and want to try to find work there. It's pretty hard to look for work from here and probably easier if I was there. It's not a permanent move but to try the place out for 6-12 months and see what happens.

There are 2 main concerns I have before taking this step:

1.) Any cheap places to stay while i look for work? hostel perhaps? Approximate cost? $400-$500/month sound right for accomodation?

2.) What do you think about the whole concept of just showing up to Singapore with a suitecase and look for work, considering my computer science background?

Any suggestions, advice, help would be great.
thanks in advance


Postby shane » Wed, 15 Jun 2005 2:01 pm

Hi I will deal with your 2nd idea first.
Simply.... DONT just turn up to look for work as you wont get in the front door.... If you aren’t posted here as part of a MNC it will be almost impossible to find work ... You may get a job as a hawker center cleaner.
I say this for the following reasons.
1. Here in Singapore ever year all the main employers get all there newbies from NUS and place them under bond in other words you work for us for x years and we will pay off your uni loan.
2. For local employers your degree is not from Singapore (strange but here it matters..NUS preferred).
3. And people with IT degrees here are like actors in America (appearing at fast food outlets daily to ask if you want extra fries).

If you are lucky and find something here a minimum stay will most likely be 2 years as you will be under contract other wise you become unaffordable to hire because of Gov regulations.


I know I went through the process of nearly two years before I found work at a golf course. Not what I had in mind when I left NZ.

Your idea on rental is also way out even for Canadian money double it and you may be close. You will have to stay in a condo …even if you get to rent a room look at around 1000 sing per month.


Postby Guest » Wed, 15 Jun 2005 4:25 pm

Competition is high to get a job in IT line. Many IT experienced indians are moving to Singapore to find one too. So expect a tough ride as more local IT grads are competing too. There are positions available, mostly contract. If it is a permanent position, my bet is that the position is for locals only. If a foreigner got the permanent role, it's considered privilege.

As for accomodation, you can rent a room that cost about $350-500 per month.

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